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CLEMENTE MC21 A woman, what exactly woman? Girl plays a very important role in our society. These are the light in the family, the main one who is responsible for the acts of their children, the first teacher of each child. But you may be wondering what do you think will happen to a nation if almost every woman is usually acting such as a slave? Getting manipulated? Believes in fake sancity and no electrical power by themselves?

In the event that is the case, then what would they will be? They might be a big failure. Once in the good the Phillipines, there is a man who exposed the sight of each and every ladies.. it was doctor Rizal. This individual did it moreover of sending a message to the country women¦.. Jose Rizal’s legacy to Filipino females is embodied in his famous essay eligible, “To the Young Females of Malolos,  in which he addresses all sorts of women ” mothers, wives, the single, etc . and expresses everything that he wants them to remember. To the Small Women of Malolos was written by Rizal when he is at London, reacting to the ask for of Marcelo H. de Pilar. The essay was originally created in Tagalog then later about translated to English. The essay is made up of inspirational emails for the women of our country. It also highlights, almost everything regarding the issue of mistreating the women in our country. Rizal wrote the essay to open up the eyes of our country women. That essay is a big discovery for the women in the Phillipines.

It offered as their moving stones in obtaining all their goals. It helped them see what exactly they are missing, thir flaws many everything. Such as is why perform they believe on everything the friars have informed them. Rizal wrote the essay extremely smooth and enough for the women of the country to see what is really happening and what must be done. On the composition To the Young Country Women of Malolos, Rizal dug out a lot of concerns about each of our country, and what is happening for the women in out country.

A lot of issues were discussed and several of it was” The denial of the spiritual authority from the friars ” not all of the priests near your vicinity that time embodied the true nature of Christ and His House of worship. Most of them were corrupted simply by worldly desires and utilized worldly methods to effect alter and force discipline among the people, especially to the mothers. A lot of mothers was completely manipulated by the friars, if the mothers were manipulated it also implies that their children can also be affected. Another thing that Rizal pointed out

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