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Multimedia, which can be in essence a presentation of information that includes interminables media, has become a very important channel in learning. Multimedia system learning materials have soared since the growth of internet. However its powerful must rely on the design was tailored to provide specific viewers.


The purpose of this kind of document is to present the main considerations when making a media material pertaining to adult learners. This document also even more explains these types of considerations.


Overview of Considerations

When designing multimedia system materials intended for adult students, the following features of consideration should be considered (Lieb, 1991):

1) Adults are autonomous and self-directed.

2) Adults have gathered a foundation of life experiences and reassurance that may include work-related activities, relatives responsibilities, and former education. Generally these are proven values, values, and viewpoints.

3) Adults are goal oriented

4) Adults are relevance oriented and functional

5) Adults should be well known

Other small factors which can be not very common to all involves, low level literacy, lacking in confidence and presenting a higher level of anxiety towards academic tasks, limited problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and little or no computer-related skills.

Independent and Self-directed

Adult learners tend to end up being autonomous and self-directed. Hence a media learning materials should have the alternatives that may fit the eye of mature learners. It will not end up being limiting in options but instead acts as guidebook or facilitating control. Adults can immediate themselves to specific aspects of interest at the same time to achieve the most efficient learning.

Founded Values, Philosophy, Knowledge and Opinions

Adult learners knowledge in life offers formed established values, beliefs, and opinions. Thus a multimedia learning material should take into account that new tips and guidelines should be explained carefully and explicitly. The explanation should hook up these concepts and rules to the proven values, philosophy and opinions in order for them to figure out. Otherwise some may misunderstood it and think that these are certainly not in accordance with all their previous knowledge.

Goal Focused

Adults are goal oriented so that they really should have a purpose atlanta divorce attorneys module or perhaps chapter. The multimedia learning material should clear the objective at the start. With out a goal, mature learners tend to loose all their interest because to all of them life knowledge has trained them that life is exactly about goals. The multimedia learning material ought to provide these people an prepared layout from the content at the start.

Relevance oriented and Practical

Adult scholars seek significance of studies in their daily lives. They should understand the functional purpose of these kinds of lessons. Thus multimedia learning materials ought to relate the ideas to real life scenarios where they offer a particular level of make use of.


The most important to all with this is value. Multimedia learning materials should not try to break the value by overdoing with humor to fire up interest.


Multimedia goods should take into consideration the that adult scholars are independent, have establish values and opinions, aim oriented, relevance oriented, useful and needs esteem in order for these products to be effective.


Lieb, H (1991). Principles of Adult Learning. Retrieved from the BALS website: http://balsontheweb.wikispaces.com/Adult+Learning?responseToken=a02492aded209b11678103756fc3f32b

January 17, 2007

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