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The Padma Connection is a multipurpose road raile bridge through the Padma river to be created in Bangladesh. When finished it will be the greatest bridge in Bangladesh and the first set river bridging for car related. It will hook up Louhajang, Munshiganj to Shariatpur and Madaripur, linking the south-west with the country, to northern and eastern regions.

The task covers three districts — Munshiganj (Mawa point/North bank), Shariatpur and Madaripur (Janjira/South bank). The whole area of terrain to be obtained and required for its parts is 918 hectares.

The requisition of land to get the construction garden will be to get six years on a leasing basis. In accordance with the new design and style, an additional a hundred and forty four. 04 ‘ has been discovered for obtain, bringing the total to 1062. 14 hectares. This extra land is necessary because job site dropped significant property due to chafing, for move structures and due to a big change in railway alignment. The two-level steel truss connection will bring a four-lane highway for the upper level and just one track railway on a reduced. The task will include 6. 15 km long and twenty one. 10 m wide connection, 15 kilometres of procedure roads, cost plazas and service areas.

Literature Review

It is a unhappy state of affairs when an entire nation has to undergo for the actions of just a few. The earth Bank has claimed to obtain found reputable evidence of a high-level file corruption error conspiracy amongst selected authorities officials mixed up in Padma Connection project. The cancellation with the $1. a couple of billion credit for the Padma Bridge project will have an adverse effect on the Bangladesh economy for a long time to arrive. It will also make it difficult to get the current federal government to begin what it thought will be one of its signature achievements.

The us government will look to get alternative sources of funding intended for the Padma Bridge. Malayasia has shown a few interest. However , the World Traditional bank decision will surely affect the terms and conditions that virtually any prospective donor would offer for money the task. And it definitely would not go ahead our favor.

Hypothesis:If federal government of Bangladesh solve the situation about the corruption concern and find various other sources to generate ta link and to help the busniess and economy of Bangladesh. First of all we have to quit corruption and find out the sources who will help us to make Padma connection.


Main objective:

The primary objective is usually to find out the main causes of building of padma bridge to see a solution of a problem.

Specific objectives:

  • find out the actual causes of padma bridge problem
  • find out a whole solution of the situation
  • Business affects and benefits of the challenge and solution.

Materials and Methods:


Elements: I want to total my analysis with likely data and documents via every supply I can go through Research Method: a. explanation of certainly not starting the project, w. affects in business, c. who have are responsible.

Record Approach:

  • business affect for not building padma connect
  • what is the solutions to resolve this problem

Period of time:, I need roughly 15 days in this research. Since in two weeks I use 10 days for collecting the information and 5 times for evaluate and complete the research. Working time: Every day being unfaithful: 00am – 8: 00pm (Except Thursday & Saturday).

Declaration of Price range:

  1. | tranportation| 4000/|
  2. | food| 3000/|
  3. | Equipment| 3000/| TOTAL| | 10000BDT|


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