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National guard counterdrug program provides

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Excerpt coming from Research Conventional paper:

In addition , the National Guard provides this function for both the counterdrug level as well as the drug demand level. The drug is actually based in part on the easy supply of illegal drugs and part around the high demand intended for illegal medications. In order to truly address the drug problem, both sides of the equation must be tackled with the same eagerness and the same high level of coordination among agencies. The National Protect is well-positioned to fulfill this kind of role and has taken up this mantle.

It should also be noted which a significant portion in the National Guard’s effort is usually aimed at the military community. The Guard delivers training on the triggers and reduction of drug abuse to armed forces personnel as part of its mandate in the war on drugs, and works with the other limbs of the army to ensure that drug abuse among armed service members is usually reduced (Phelan, 2009). The impact of this is definitely substantial, mainly because not only does lowering substance abuse among military users improve the quality of the United States armed service, but it enhances the image of those military branches around the world. This may contribute to a solid positive impression of the U. S. military branches in geopolitical sectors around the world.


There are some quarrels that can be made that the Countrywide Guard is usually not making a strong enough contribution towards the effort inside the war on drugs. The initial such discussion is that the vital crux with the war on medications is unsuccessfully, ergo any efforts in that direction are also not successful. Drug use and importance are on the rise, which indicates the current way of drug prevention is generally an inability. If this is the truth, then the ultimate mission in the National Guard is to this inability, rather than toward a success. It can be argued that given the strong role that the Countrywide Guard performs in the coordination of drug prevention and drug require suppression efforts contributes to a higher level of failing of these attempts – it spearheads attempts that ultimately fail so bears a better responsibility for the failure much like a dropping football trainer or the CEO of a broke company.

Another counterpoint is that that the U. S. Nationwide Guard merely performs the simpler tasks mixed up in effort. The more difficult tasks – arresting drug smugglers, performing private operations as well as raising children who prevent drugs – are performed by other agencies or groups. The support function is valuable, and not with out merit, although not critical minus it the efforts would be more or less evenly successful much like it. Hence, the position of the National Guard is perhaps overstated.


It is sensible, however , to conclude that the contribution of the Countrywide Guard is normally positive. It can be worth pointing out that the National Guard will not set medication prevention policy, it merely implements it. Therefore virtually any deficiencies in the policy are not the responsibility from the National Shield – as a branch of the military just follows the orders that can come down from the White Home. It does that work faithfully and properly. The applications that it accessories are essential aspects of the strategy to both prevent drugs coming from entering the country and to decrease the domestic demand for these medications.

Without the National Guard to try out its vital support role, drug policy in the country can be implemented within a highly miscuglio manner. There would be only limited opportunity for learning and for writing information. A result of this would be which the effectiveness of current medicine policy can be reduced. The National Shield, therefore , will play a necessary role in improving the outcomes of the drug prevention and demand reductions programs which have been in place.

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