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Ethics in counseling the most term conventional

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The moral obligations of the counselor in this instance is not really in question since the time of disclosure. The main issue is: If the counselor divulge the dangers of withholding HIV status prior to clients disclose this? This could be more ethically acceptable to clients’ should be informed of the disclosure requirements of the specialist before entering therapy. However, the travel to safeguard lives could result in too little of initial disclosure, as this could discourage clients from disclosing possibly incriminating behavior.

Yet , withholding this sort of information coming from John or perhaps future clientele like him could result in legal difficulties for the counselor, and indeed pertaining to the counseling profession on the whole. The counselor is appreciative to disclose every ethical commitments to the client, and particularly those that can impact upon the privacy of the customer. Only in this manner can the customer make an up to date decision regarding the information she or he wishes to reveal to the counselor. Furthermore, it is only on this basis that the consumer can be appreciated to disclose essential information to the people who are influenced by his activities.

In the decision-making process after that, the counselor is obliged to follow a code of ethics that obliges her or him to provide total disclosure to potential clients. Just on this basis can the counselor then provide disclosures to other entities, as they could potentially damage the client. Any information that client provides to the counselor after such disclosure is then susceptible to the laws and regulations and integrity governing guidance in Indiana.

In a personal sense, consultants are human being, regardless of specialist obligation. In John’s case, a sense of revulsion might be skilled as a result of the client’s forthright unwillingness to disclose his position to those in whose lives he is endangering by his actions. He appears to have no perception of responsibility to possibly himself or perhaps those about him. The key temptation this is then to avoid treating Ruben, as he is a liability to himself, others, and the therapies profession as a whole.

However , the counselor must also keep in mind possibly all human beings to improve and understand the effects of their activities. Ethically, when it comes to the counselling profession, it is therefore perhaps more desirable to keep working with John in an attempt to lead him into a better point of view on his own duties. The chances of reaching this happen to be greater if he remains with his counselor than when he is placed with somebody else.


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