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Impact of nafta upon corporate headquarter

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Excerpt from Dissertation:

Approach From Canada

The author with this report has been asked to consider a question about if the pharmaceutical firm should maneuver from its current location exterior Toronto towards the United States because of a few factors. These elements include their very own land beyond Toronto becoming very beneficial, the fact the taxes and costs of doing business being higher in Canada, the decreased trade barriers that came in the North American Free Trade Contract (NAFTA) as well as other reasons. While it may seem as an easy decision to make, the company should be diligent about whether or not they make the maneuver or not because there are both financial and nonfinancial things to consider that should be considered genuine.


Since noted inside the parameters of the assignment, there are lots of reasons why a move coming from Canada towards the United States, while using destination state being The state of colorado, would be a good decision intended for the company showcased. For one, the land which the company possesses is worth a cool seven million which does not rely the properties, structures and infrastructure that exists within the land. Secondly, the passageway and setup of the United states Free Control Agreement has turned cross-border operate and trade much cheaper and easier to accomplish than it absolutely was before the 1990’s. Fourth, the taxes and labor costs in Canada are much higher than they will be in america and Colorado. While the monetary considerations seem to be favorable, there are many things that should be pondered and assessed before making a move.

First, there has been more than one company which has executed or publicly thought about a traversing of the Canadian border. In many instances, the crossing is actually into Canada instead of out of it. Burger King was considering a moving of its corporate hq due to, and a lot more, the fact that income produced around the world is definitely taxable by the United States and not just the cash flow that is generated within the Usa. For example , if a company in the us makes $12 million completely from procedures in Canada or any other foreign country apart from the United States, the company will even now pay fees on that income. Yet , Burger King caught a lot of warmth for actually considering that and so they were tagged cheats and “un-American” pertaining to considering this sort of a push. There was as well talk about the business enterprise paying the “fair share” of fees, common parlance for pandering politicians and anti-capitalists generally (Ferdman, 2014).

Even so, this really is something that the organization should consider as they do have got a duty (and a right) to explore alternatives that will bring all their costs straight down. Indeed, prescribed drugs are an item that garners a lot of attention when it comes to cost of course, if the costs with the drugs could be brought down in terms of making cost etc, it could be a boon to consumers without hurting margins. It would as well make the firm more competitive with firms that are currently in the United States and/or have or else leveraged ways to lower costs inside the same or

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