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The wine production

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Wines can be made from many kinds of fruits and fruits that contain organic sugar. The largest amount of wine is produced from fruit (white, flower, black, or perhaps red). The grapes consist of: stem (2. 5-8%), skin (6-10%), pulp, grape-stones (2-15%) and must. This is actually the most suitable normal product pertaining to winemaking, since the grapes include enough sugars for fermentation. On the area of berries live candida fungi, which will give rise to the process of making wine beverage after the juice is compressed out. To make a good wine beverages, it is very important to grow superior quality grapes. The caliber of grapes depends on many elements. All good vineyards are located for the hills and the slopes of the mountains. Of great importance are the lamps (sun), soil, and environment, humidity from the region and the age of the vines (Zeppa, Giuseppe (2007)).

Vineyard grown to get wine contain more glucose and less acidity. It is gathered at a specific degree of maturity, necessary for the availability of wines. The degree of growth of the vineyard determines the composition and quality in the resulting wine beverages. Grape maturation is not only a regular and uniform process. Rainy and cold weather may well reduce the intensity of ripening, while a dry weather accelerates grape ripening. Another reason for determining the optimum harvesting time is that not all varieties are farmed at the same time.

The methods pertaining to determining the date once grapes happen to be ripe and is harvested have got evolved as time passes from organoleptic to chemical substance determinations, following changes in the articles of the primary components of fruit.

Grape harvesting is carried out manually by cutting the cluster from your vines by hand with selecting knives or perhaps scissors. Physical harvesting is used when possible. The moment of harvesting fruit for wine is chosen with care, since each range must reach its prospect of cultivation (the amount of sugar, aroma, colour and acidity). The amount of sugar which is fructose and glucose) assessed by a refractometer (RI = refractometer index in % or Brix) should be over 19% to get to a right articles of liquor. Berries exceeding 17% of sugars are sweet and 19% of sugars supply a very fairly sweet taste (Fabio Mencarelli. Department of Meals Science and Technology)

The time of harvest is also collection according to the technical maturation that is certainly very important in the process of wine beverage making, as the parameters that the vineyard must come are different several types of wine: very dry, away dry, method and sweet. Collection of vineyard for wines production occurs in late August September. Light grapes are harvested previous, red after. There are also after collections of grapes, for instance , in Australia. Due to the weather conditions there is a short period of maturing, there is not enough sugar in the berries, and so the harvest is created in November.

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