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Excerpt coming from Research Conventional paper:

Venue with the Festival

Park is almost square in plan with a part of multitude of meters by simply 750 metres and is familiarize with the very long sides lying down GCC SSE. In what way is to employs N. To S. Pertaining to convenience. It really is situated by grid reference point TQ390772. Park stretches along the slope and at two levels. At the lowest level (closest for the museum, the Queen’s Residence, and to their rear, the Thames) lies towards the north, after having a steep walk up the slope, there is a flat space, which is essentially a closed file format of the plateau Blackheath. Event Central Sq area, which will develop the festival are selected for his or her willingness to participate, subject to availability of home repair infrastructure of the people working there, the power of regional sources of money to support creative teams (Pevsner, 2003).

Advertising Techniques

In the musical and entertainment industry, many promoting techniques can be found. Fusion Festivity Incorporated is convinced that the most appropriate way to market our function is by tv commercials, the airwaves advertisements, flyers and internet websites. Outlined beneath is a comprehensive analysis from the above suggestions:

Television Commercials

According to the research, teens on average use 21 several hours a week watching television. This is why Fusion Festival Integrated proposes that within these types of 21 several hours, put advertisements advertising the case. At Blend Festival Incorporated, we believe the best option time to air flow these ads would be following school and the week-ends from 4pm-10pm (Pevsner, 2003).

Radio Adverts

Teenagers count heavily on radio stations to introduce the modern popular songs. This is why it will be beneficial to place Fusion Celebration ads during popular teenaged radio shows such as Z103. 5s:

Morning hours Show

Best 7 by 7

4pm Hour

Travel at 5

Top on the lookout for at on the lookout for


The intention for this particular promoting technique is even more towards kids. It would require having a Blend Festival employee going to local high colleges and fainting flyers, which will promote the upcoming events (Hoyer, 2001).


In all promoting techniques shown, there will be a clear indication the Fusion Event has a website at www.fusion-festival.com. On this internet site, teenagers should be able to find event listings, selling price information, periodic discounts, designer line up and so forth, along with links to other musical technology websites.

Time of Marketing

In Fusion Event Incorporated, we intend to marketplace this event all year. This is indoors, meaning, during winter there will be warming, and in the summertime, there will be air-conditioning. Our hope is, due to our reasonable prices, most teenagers will want to go to the Fusion Festival rather than go to department stores, movies and so forth On their Thursday nights and weekends.

Conditions that May Be Experienced

Security concerns may occur such as thefts fights, and so forth To solve this issue, metal sensors will be within the front entry doors and those will verify everyone going into the building. In addition , to prevent theft, numerous those will continuously walk the premises.


Throughout the study and data collected, it really is apparent that their is a great amount of success generated by advertising the Fusion Festival. There is also a 53% predicted profit, which is an enormous quantity compared to the cost of funding intended for the project. The marketing techniques applied are suitable for the targeted audience; teenagers aged 12-19 in UK, and the spending budget allows an expense efficient way to maximize revenue, which will make this kind of project profitable.


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