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Mcdonald s and hardee s case study

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Excerpt from Case Study:

McDonald’s And Hardees

In a recent visit to two competing fast food franchise eating places, McDonald’s and Hardees, there were many different functional processes that were identified. For instance , McDonald’s provides a more varied menu that caters to more consumers while Hardees in comparison seems to utilize more of a market strategy. The two operations seem to be fairly efficient and effective towards the operational goals that they can seem to encourage. I think they are both offering the items that they must be. McDonalds has a larger menu and Hardees has more of your targeted niche.

Each business utilizes technology to meet their very own operational goals and runs efficiently depending on these targets. Between the two operations, McDonald’s seem to have the technological border however and the operations happen to be streamlined through a dedication to operational quality that uses advanced scientific systems like a foundation due to its business features. McDonalds has to be more efficient to offer the more extensive product mix in a on time manner relative to Hardees on the other hand. Yet Hardees could be considered more effective since they have used a premium burger niche. This kind of paper will certainly compare and contrast some of the differences which were identified in these two businesses. Each organization should focus on supply string management and mass customization.

Product Selection

McDonalds and Hardees provide very different item mixes. McDonald’s have an even more comprehensive menu offering that could be divided into the subsequent categories (McDonalds, N. m. ):

Hamburgers and Casse-cro?te

Chicken and Fish



Snacks and Edges

Desserts and Shakes


McDonald’s has been the subject a vast amount of criticism within the last decade to get the quality of their food regarding its nutritional value. McDonald’s provides proactively looked after their status in the past by opening libel suits against people who have attempted to publish eager beaver literature that points out a few of the negative aspects to the meals they serve and the approach the company runs. It is obvious from its current product blend that McDonald’s has considered steps to boost its healthy stance in its product mix and offers various products which might be healthier than previous ages of merchandise mixes just like salads and fresh fruit. Burger king has attempted to improve their overall health quality by causing their menu’s more kid friendly, broadening the menu nutritionally, and also increasing the access to nourishment (Nunez, 2011).

Hardees by comparison focus on a “restaurant-style” hamburger which serves as the focus of its merchandise mix. The business offers just a little over twenty different styles of charbroiled burgers the focal point of the product blend. The company boasts its high grade “six dollar” burger that is certainly made from totally Black Angus. This cheese burger is touted as a even more sit down restaurant that is available in the traditional franchised fast food format. Hardees features continued to formulate this strategy while offering a wide range of diverse products that focus on this kind of niche. McDonald’s previously got tried to contend in the gourmet burger specialized niche however acquired relatively merged success. As you critique discussed when McDonald’s eventually got their Angus burger off of the menu (Wong, 2013):

“You can’t be the premium as well as the discount merchandise place. [McDonald’s] had to make a decision and they made a decision to be a discount product place, ” Puzder says.

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