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Money crops of pakistan essay

The main plants of Pakistan are labeled into food crops and non-food plants. The food vegetation include wheat, rice, maize, coarse grains, grams and other pulses. The cash crops are cotton, sugarcane, tobacco, mustard and sesame. The total location, yield and production of every crop is now discussed under separate minds.

(A) FOOD CROPS (1) Wheat: Wheat is the principal food plant of the persons. It occupies an important location i farming policies. The share of wheat is definitely 3% to GDP. The area under wheat or grain crop was 8494 1000 hectares and wheat result stood at 23.

2 million loads and this contributed14. 4% to useful in culture in 2006-07. The area and yield of wheat features gradually elevated in Pakistan dye towards the introduction of new wheat varieties, improved agronomic practices, improved water availableness and better water use efficiency greater use of fertilizer wide spread utilization of mechanical accessories, better storage space facilities and a support price policy and favorable weather conditions. The culture of Pakistan is to deal with another big challenge from the World Trade Organization routine (WTO) in the year june 2006.

According to the WTO agreement upon agriculture, it is necessary for each nation, to provide industry access to foreign commodities and also to do away with household and export subsidies. Pakistan will now have to steps to reduce the cost of production of plants and also keep quality of products to contend in the worldwide market. With all the advent of Green Revolution the wheat production has increased by four mil tones in 1960 to 23. your five million shades in 2006-07. In order to improve the yield of wheat every acre, a lot of additional procedures shall have to be taken.

These in brief will be (i) Advancement new large yielding varieties (ii) development and division of qualified seeds (iii) Timely seeding of wheat or grain (iv) On time availability of fertilizer and (v) elimination of weeds via fields. The availability of wheat in 2006-07 is maximum in the great country. Pakistan now is not merely self sufficient in wheat nevertheless is also capable of export the surplus wheat to other countries. (2) Rice: Rice may be the 2nd major food harvest in Pakistan. It is now a significant export item accounting for 6. 1% of total export profits over the last five years and contributes 1 . % to GDP. The availability of grain during 1999-2000 was 5156thousand tones. That came down to 3882 thousand colors in 2001-02 and elevated to 5438 thousand colors in 2006-07. The Government of Pakistan is usually taking successful measures to enhance the yield, production top quality and foreign trade of grain. Research hard work is continuing in developing substantial yielding basmati and Eyes varieties. Emphasis is also being laid upon agronomic study as well as on better extension companies fertilizer use, direct seeding etc . The flow of inputs and credits is also being substantially increased.

Spray is also offered to the rice growers by subsidized rates. Pakistan creates finest quality of rice named as Basmati It loves monopoly in the international market. After Asia, Vietnam, UNITED STATES and India, Pakistan is the fifth major rice transferring country in the world. (3) Maize: Maize is an important food wheat as well organic material to get edible petrol production. It is additionally used to create starch and poultry foodstuff mixes. The whole area under maize was 1026 1, 000 hectares in the year 2006-07which features doubled as independence.

Over fifty percent of the crop is growth in NWFP and almost every one of the remainder in Punjab. The entire production during 2006-07 was 2968 1000 tones. The main reason for the indegent performance from this crop is the lack of enough seed products and not enough farm methods required to obtain high produces from hybrid and synthetics. Efforts to eliminate existing limitations are urgently required to increase the production of this valuable harvest. (4) Barley: Barley is an important coarse grain crop. It can be grown in dry, arid conditions.

The whole area below course cause in the year 2006-07 was 93thousand hectares. The usage of barley intended for human ingestion has decreased considerably recently. It has been changed by whole wheat. However , the course cause constitute an important food and fodder origin. It is also getting increasingly employed in the chicken feed. The lower yield naturally grains is principally due to inadequate fertilizer work with, poor property preparation, lack of plant security and loss of crop for fodder. (5) Gram: Gram is an important source of veggie protein and play a significant role in your deiting.

It is produced both as rabi and kharif plants. The total location under gram was 1073 thousand hectares in 2006-07. The total development was 842 thousand hues in 2006-07. The production of gram and other pulses remain concentrated generally in Barani areas. Gram with 2 . 3rd of total plot under signal, is the dominating crop. The availability of gram and other pulses fluctuates dramatically due to differing rainfall and frequent blight damage. The production can be improved by introducing tolerant kinds of seeds and support rates.

(B) MONEY CROPS 6) Cotton: Organic cotton is the most important cash crop of Pakistan regarding area and value addition. It is the key foreign exchange earnings for the region with the creation of 13. 0 , 000, 000 cash return to the farmers. It items raw materials to the textile industry and offers employment to individuals living in the two rural and urban areas. Its contribution is 1 . 8% to GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT, The area and yield of cotton from the year 2002-03 is given under: The Government of Pakistan has provided pursuing support to cotton development system in the year 2006-07. (1) Subsidy of Rs. 00 per carrier of fertilizer. (2) Digital media was used fr quick technology copy among the growing community. (3) Availability of agricultural credit at the door stage of the maqui berry farmers. The Government programs to increase cotton production to 14. 5 million dancings in 2007-08 (7) Sugarcane: Sugarcane plant serves as a significant raw material for development of white colored sugar and gur and is also a funds crop. Its share in value added in agriculture can be 3. five per cent and in GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT 0. seven percent in 2006-07. Sugarcane was cultivated with an area of1029 thousand hectors during the year 2006-07.

The higher sugarcane production is a result of embrace area, well-timed rains, convenient availability of fertilizer and & nitrogen-laden attractive rates of sugarcane offered by the millers. (8) Tabacco: The whole area below tabacco, in the past year 2006-07 was 62thousand hectares and production 126 1, 000 tones. The availability of fine Virginia smoking cigarettes is mainly focused in decrease landaus Pot, plains with the Punjab and NWFP. Pakistan is meeting its home-based requirements of tabacco and is also exporting a sizeable level of manufactured cigarette in the by of cigarettes.

In order to increase development new kinds of tobacco have to be development. Money should also become provided to increase the research and development developers with a view to reducing the price tag on production and improving cigarettes quality. Cigarettes growers assistance should also end up being organized. (9) Oil Seedling and Veggie Oils: The key crops grown for essential oil are afeitado and mustard seeds sunflowers, safflower soybeans. Total dependence on edible olive oil was1. 9 million shades. which 32% was fulfilled through domestic production and remaining68% was imported.


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