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Nike marketing dissertation


Former University of Oregon track mentor and co-founder of Nike Bill Bowerman once stated: “If you have a human body, you is surely an athlete! ” (Nike Inc., n. m. ) It really is this way of thinking that describes the root of Nike’s way of marketing. Every individual is a potential athlete or perhaps “consumer”. This is a common thinking in the realm of athletics when Bill Bowerman said this kind of, it was in direct reference to the footwear industry. From their marketing strategies to their selling sagesse, Nike has created one of the most familiar and required names and logo ever before.

Nike, which can be the name of the Ancient greek Goddess of Victory, was developed in 1972 the moment Blue Bow Sports (BRS) launched its first brand shoe in the U. H. Olympic monitor and discipline trials. An ex University of Oregon trail team member Phil cannella Knight made Blue Ribbon Sports.

At Oregon, Knight was trained by the legendary Bill Bowerman and then went on to become alumnus of the Stanford School of Business.

BRS was crafted in 1962 when Knight produced a deal with Onitsuka Gambling Company, a Japanese shoe company, to import their particular shoes to the United States. Knight had the idea to sell an affordable shoe with a very high quality, with high aspirations of currently taking Adidas out of your top place in the athletic shoe industry. In 1964, Bill Bowerman decided to sign up for Knight as a partner in BRS to make a joint quest to be number 1. Bowerman redesigned the Gambling shoes although Knight served as the accountant/personal vendor and the two went on the road to sell their very own newly crafted sneakers at track satisfies and local footwear stores. By simply 1966, Green Ribbon Athletics opened its first retail store in Oregon, which is where Nike remains currently headquartered.

Knight and Bowerman handled the store while using only one worker, Jeff Johnson. By 1972 BRS was able to subcontract its shoe series and started out selling Nike Brand shoes. Above the next 10 years Nike widened almost double its size each year from your previous 12 months. BRS officially became Nike in 1978 and opened manufacturers all over the U. S. Nike was a recognized brand for most players by early on 1980’s. Today, Nike is the world’s leading designer, maker and supplier of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a series activities, as well as sports-inspired civic shoes or boots.

The company’s marketplace is in the Unites states, Europe, Middle East, The african continent and Asia Pacific, having its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Nike uses around 38, 000 individuals to produce shoes for working, training, field hockey and soccer employ. The company likewise sells tennis, golf, football, football, riding a bicycle, volleyball, struggling, cheerleading, aquatic activities, hiking, outdoor activities and other athletic shoes. The company provides the products for men, ladies and children. As the leading global footwear company, Nike reported revenues of $7. 0 billion to get first one fourth, 2014.

Id of Target Market(s)

In the beginning Nike’s focus was primarily to normal and discipline, and for one of the most part observe athletes were their target audience. One of the first individuals to endorse a Nike product was a guy who exemplified their design and means of conducting business, Steve Prefontaine. Prefontaine was a household name back in the seventies and has gone straight down in history among the best American trail and field athletes ever before. Prefontaine was obviously a friend of Knight and had been trained by Bowerman at the University or college of Oregon. Prefontaine put what Nike wanted as the differential advantage of other companies, due to his foolhardy attitude, large talent level, and cavalier mentality. Because of this , Steve Prefontaine and Nike were a huge tandem in the early years of Nike’s existence. Sports athletes are still the majority buyers of Nike’s products.

This is because of the convenience that goes combined with items. Nike focuses on these types of consumers through agreements with sports staff, college sponsorships, and endorsement with person athletes. Through this, Nike is able to reach an extensive volume of consumers and clients whom are likely to order their products. Nike pays particular focus on the athlete more than other person consumers. However , a secondary marketplace came to mild in the 1980s. During the period from 1985-1987, Nike lowered back down to number two in the running from the shoe market. Sales got dropped off for the reason that running increase of the overdue 70’s and 80’s acquired begun to decrease, the NBA was becoming more and more marketable, and consumers tended to wear all their court shoes or boots on the street. (Katz, 1993) Nike began to see an entire market that the business had been keeping away from, everyday athletic activities. These types of activities were things created by everyday people and not merely the serious athlete.

Fortunately to get Nike, in 1985 their particular star was brought to mild by a first year basketball participant with amazing talent and a nice smile, his name is usually Michael Jordan. Test came to Nike at a time if the marketability with the NBA was increasing. NBA games were staying nationally televised during perfect time tv hours and weekends. This kind of gave Nike the perfect platform to develop and market their particular new legend and the products that he endorsed. Throughout the first few years Nike introduced Jordan towards the public and Jordan familiarized himself together with the American general public. Nike ran a series of advertisings with The nike jordan and film director Spike Lee. These ads had been aired during prime time television several hours and had been solely targeted for pre-teen school students.

These ads displayed a great expressed meaning to “Stay in School. ” The advertising presented children with a national figure that was selling both school and Nike’s products, how do parents refuse their children the shoes of such a virtuous spokesman? Jordan was a determine that kids adored, researched to and tried to the best of their capacity to copy. Nike used this to display a positive image for company and to sell many.

Consumer Making decisions Process

“Consumers believe that the firm makes better shoes and boots. Whether or not that is certainly true, Nike has been a magician as a marketing expert. ” (McIntyre, 2011) Each time a consumer purchases a product, usually there is a five step method in making a conclusion. The steps happen to be need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, buy, and content purchase behavior. (Perreau, 2013) Nike attempts to make this decision process much easier with their adverts. For example , the Nike gasoline band is one of Nike’s newest companies people failed to know very much about it mainly because it came out thus Nike applied an ad that found ones focus, but that’s not all. Nike’s commercial described what this product is in superb detail. By simply watching the commercial, Nike completed the first housing for you, making your life a little easier.

Most of the time consumers skip steps 1 through 3 and buy products on behavioral instinct, as Nike would set, they “just do it”, but in the case Nike will the “leg” meet your needs. This is one of the magic in Nike advertising. However , really obvious that Nike hasn’t actually employed a wand on it is customers and there is no proof which can assess that a Nike pair of shoes is superior to an Adidas pair of shoes yet another brand, so it must be magic, right? The answer is “No”, it’s the brand image and product position this is the driving force becoming Nike product sales. The two principles are how come we purchase Nike rather than another brand. Company image refers to the schematic memory of your brand. (Hawkins, 2012, l. 335) Merely, it is what individuals think of and feel when they hear or perhaps see a manufacturer and is the set of groups consumers have discovered about a manufacturer. (Hawkins, 2012, p. 335)

Product setting is a decision by a marketer to try to acquire a defined manufacturer image relative to competition within a market section. (Hawkins, 2012, p. 335) Lastly, a chance to benefit from your brand image is named brand value. (Hawkins, 2012, p. 335) According to Aaker (2013) “brand collateral has four dimensions – brand dedication, brand recognition, brand organizations, and identified quality, each providing value to a company in numerous techniques. ” The core of creating the value for Nike is manufacturer association. Nike associates it is brand with famous athletic celebrities that exemplify the personality of the trademark; they are achievers, winners, determined, accomplishment oriented, and non-traditional. The most famous case for company association ever before was the collaboration between Nike and Test.

This affiliation personified Nike as a remarkable top performing company. The depth of this personification became long lasting, even following Jordan was not a longer presently there. Also, Nike associates with top sport events by sponsoring a large number of major group sports, including the National Basketball Association. Through its manufacturer association, Nike increased it is brand understanding. Nike conveyed its movie star associations through TV ads, which improved their product sales dramatically. In addition , one of the most crucial sources of Nike brand equity is the high perceived top quality. Although, in today’s world, most of Nike’s consumers are the public that use their shoes exclusively for walking, Nike is committed to design all their shoes based on the high specifications of specialist competition. Seeing a winning sportsperson wearing a Nike shoe within a professional competition authenticated the quality perception for the customers. Lastly, Nike has a good romance with its client, which makes some sort of brand name loyalty.


Nike’s ideals and goals remain exactly like those of home buying of Dorrie Prefontaine and Bill Bowerman. Nike’s Phil Knight is usually not slowing as he constantly signs new colleges about as Nike endorsed universities, even buying a portion of the NFL’s Based in dallas Cowboys. Nike has reached a point wherever they can rely on the Nike name endorsing itself, but they continue to produce progressive ideas. These kinds of ideas have been completely productive and entertaining promotional tools. In the matter of Nike, it should continue to marketplace itself towards people of all ages who wish to be effective and still secure. This marketing strategy has been specifically successful as its capability to reach many sportsmen, and in accordance to Nike that is a person with a body.

Nike targets the buyers who adopt product understanding and closeness, which allows the corporation to set a better cost than its opponents. This is a marketing strategy of Nike which calls for excellent pricing points in order to push the intended value with the product. This strategy has also proven successful to get the company. Finally, the more trustworthy the circulation of the product is improves the sales and results in more profits. Item delivery with the required time to the consumer not merely affects usefulness it also ends in a high level of customer’s fulfillment as well as loyalty. It goes without saying that Nike’s consumers are happy and loyal.


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