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Lv in japan case study article

Introduction to Louis Vuitton

Lv, one of the oldest fashion homes in the world began in Portugal in the year 1854. It became known for its impeccably handcrafted leather-based bags and trunks that were handcrafted to perfection. The manufacturer opened the first offshore store in London in 1885 and has not looked back seeing that. Since its early stages, the brand was inspired by Japanese and Oriental styles which is obvious by the trademark design of the LV Monogram canvas. Georges Vuitton; Paillette Vuitton’s son; initiated the brands global outreach by opening worldwide stores and participating in Community Fairs to showcase goods and grow their acknowledgement.

Gaston- Lv; the third loved one to head the firm; was your one lurking behind initiating the expansion from the product line to small natural leather goods. By the mid 70’s Louis Vuitton acquired seen great growth and went on to get the largest high-class brand in the world in terms of business.

They became a brand identifiable with luxury, high class, good quality and important status symbol amongst the rich and popular.

One of the significant function for the manufacturer was the creation of Lv Motet-Hennessy (LVMH) in 1987; a combination between Louis Vuitton, Moet ou Chandon and Hennessy; so that it is the largest extravagance goods firm in the world. The appointment of designer Marc Jacobs, as the art director of Louis Vuitton, took the brand for an all new excessive. He created limited editions, infused the brand name with a fresh energy and in addition launched a new jewelry department and shoes or boots & prepared to wear collections. In 08, the group’s revenue experienced reached ¬17. 1 billion dollars, out that fashion and leather good accounted for ¬6 billion (Exhibit 1 & 2).

Lv and Japan: Changing trends

Since the core 1970’s, the company mainly focused on establishing a large Japanese clients and by june 2006 Japan made up 26% of worldwide revenue. The brand name not only showed luxury, nonetheless it had a entire experience weaved into the shopping process. The Japanese market is a very fashion conscious market and in addition has one of many highest every capita spending on luxury trend goods. Relating to an approximate by HSBC Bank in 2009, Japan was the final destination of 45 per cent of the total luxury items sold around the world; making Japan one of the biggest market segments for all key luxury brands. In Asia, Louis Vuitton grew at these kinds of a rapid price that in a decade of openingstores, around 20million Japan women owned or operated a carrier of the brand. Japan psychological and traditional traditions of position driven challenges and the girls being even more beauty conscious than their particular European alternative helped stir up the trend of luxury shopping.

Also during the overall economy of 2008-2009, there was simply no noted decline in buyer spending on luxurious items and the market was expected to carry on growing at a reliable pace. Louis Vuitton roped in famous Japanese artists just like Murakami to develop new lines of products and also introduced various new edition ranges which in turn boosted profits and had been successful all over the world and not just in Japan. Even though Louis Vuitton enjoyed a long powerful run in Japan, changing country developments and client mindset put the brand in danger. The current risks which the company faces are: 1 . Buyers becoming increasingly selling price conscious. They will wanted affordability and wanted the in-style trendy designs that brands such as Zara and H&M were able to give. 2 . Intensive use of limited editions plus the mass enlargement and distribution of the brand got created a question in the mind of the consumers about the exclusivity of the trademark.

It began to be interpreted like a disposable item instead of custom and long life; the true fact of the brand. 3. The degree of the populace which held a Lv product (more than three quarters of the women aged 20 years), the manufacturer logo had become as prevalent as the Mc Donald’s golden curve. This happening combined with the fresh epidemic of easily available fake products diluted the brand essence from an extravagance product pertaining to the ‘privileged few’ to a common mass market merchandise.

Diagnosis of the issues faced by brand

The highest questions the rand name now confronts and needs to overcome are- 1 . How to reinvent alone and regain the celebrity and prestige value that enjoyed in Japan. 2- How to deal with faking. 3- Although a huge piece of their profits and income still originate from Japan, has there recently been way too much over dependence on japan market (according to exhibit a few; percentage of total earnings generated from Japan features reduced via 26% 5 years ago to 20% in 2008) and if the brand has to seriously look for explore fresh markets and line extendable of products whilst still to get brand value of Louis Vuitton intact.

Suggestions and Strategy

To help remind the customers in the brand’s tradition, luxurious and intrinsic worth of their products, LV should recreate the whole experience of searching at their particular store and owning a CELINE product. This will require a fish hunter 360 degree promoting campaign with the use of all forms of media that can enable the brand to reach out to the market with hopes to rekindle the experience of GUCCI which can only be experienced in its true kind by purchasing genuine products and point out to the customers about the high quality, value and promise with the fashion house. Seeing that Louis Vuitton has got the absolute benefit of higher finances for marketing& advertising among its opponents; it can go all out with no taking a strike on their income. A marketing campaign using their previously used tagline “where will lifestyle take you can be weaved around the whole shopping experience of genuine products. They can also look at country specific ads where they incorporate the culture with the country and use some regional celebrities. Once again, the placing and focusing on of these advertisements needs to stored under rigid control.

In terms of product lines, the manufacturer should continue with its picture of having constant global collections, they can check into creating specific product varies exclusively for any market- this will show the brand aspects and beliefs the market and has a authentic understanding of the marketplace (eg. Hermes launched a array of sarees entirely for the Indian ladies and targeted the high net worth families since the merchandise price started at $8000. The product is actually a hot seller in the local market. ) This could counter the marketing attention-grabber of repeated limited editions. However , to enhance sales and increase income, limited models are necessary occasionally as they aid in increasing the exclusivity and company value of a product. They definitely need to take a look at expansion in to kids apparel and components and also further expand their very own smaller plus more affordable product, and also their very own jewelry range where they can command substantial prices and earn higher margins depending on their pre established picture of high quality and craftsmanship.

The sales of such divisions and other products like eyewear were much higher than initial sales forecasts; this clearly mentioned that the demand of the brand’s products was still hot! I actually do not think that the brand need too much in to e-commerce taking into consideration how much japan love being outdoors and go shopping. While the brand may start to leveraging itself and the products using the web and e-commerce space, it should definitely not engage in directonline selling as I feel the full shopping connection with buying a Lv product will be lost; which is essentially what LV is trying to rekindle. One will never be able to go through the glam of your LV showroom, the display, touch and feel in the product. Although Japan constanly represent 20% of the organizations revenue, through exhibit three or more & 5 we can see the fact that share percentage has been suffering over the length of 3 years although it has been elevating in other areas as The european union (excluding France) and Asia (excluding Japan); LV must also put focus on appearing economies like India, Chinese suppliers, East The european countries Russia etc to reduce the dependence on japan market.

They have also been obtaining increased income percentages coming from wholesale structure, thus lowering its investments in 2008 and earning more revenues. They may have also commenced to touch the supplementary cities of Japan that i feel give you a huge potential. To take full advantage of the forex market expansion, I do think the brand can easily follow similar steps to those of Giorgio Armani and generate sub brands while maintaining the overall aesthetics. A ultra large range showroom- flagship stores at the most excellent locations which offer the most expensive goods targeted at the rich and aristocrat families; a core brand that will have all the usual designs and global selections of all item ranges and a third sub brand which can be more radiant and nice and can focus on the younger generation who have are going to begin/ have just started their very own luxury searching experience and get them to become loyal CELINE customers.

They should continue and build alliances with people like January Aoki and Murakami to boost sales and in addition prepare themselves for a feasible exit of Marc Jacobs by schooling more designers under him and could likewise look into hiring different designers who would be region particular. They however need to ensure that they do in way the fact that brand worth does not acquire diluted to a mass market product. Ultimately they need to help remind the public that brands just like H&M and Zara don’t have the elegance, class, worth and encounter which Lv commands and just how it feels a class apart to possess a genuine CARTIER product. Louis Vuitton is here to stay!


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