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Products on hand management system composition


Technology is usually simultaneously advancing together with what internet gives. Many program made by developers and companies are innovating people look and need these people via internet. One click, thousands results, probably hundreds of thousands or ever before billions of diverse system. One particular button press brings visitors to new discoveries and massive enjoyment. A product sales and products on hand system is a process that can manage a company data. With this product, company will not easily shed their record of items and record of their daily, monthly or yearly income.

A lot of companies have not yet produced their program like this, that they still in the handing out of records manually, then write it in in an inventory book.

Yet the main problem with all the manual products on hand is easy to lost, recording is sluggish and fork out a lot time when you are performing it. Together with the sales and inventory management system, recording became easy and failed to spend a lot of your energy. It can also produce a receipt, records of things sold daily, record of stocks and it can add a new item or edit a price or designed.


The supporters design a Point-of-Sale and Inventory System to systemize the purchase of ALMER’s Digital Printing and Music Visual Presentation. This system will help the client to minimize the time in computing the quantity to be paid by the client and in monitoring the supplies of the shop. The system is definitely not a inconvenience for the client since the proponents designs the system in a user-friendly way.

The ALMER’s Digital Printing and Audio Visual Presentation Point-of-Sale and Inventory System aims to make the work easier and comfy. Computations and monitoring of the supplies and sales is usually fastened with this matter. There is certainly consistency in accessing the reports seeing that all deals are preserved in a repository that down the road generates the correct reports. HISTORY OF THE EXAMINE

Companies are using inventory devices for quickly growth and success. Products on hand systems have many different functions purposes in businesses. Promoting the sales and shrinkage control are two main functions of inventory system. Marketing the product sales function deals with availability of enough products pertaining to the customers in which a shrink age control function deals with monitoring the incident of damage loss, or fraud, etc . with the products.

The challenge arises in keeping the purchase faster and convenient at the staff as well as the customer. As well, the survey may not be constant enough mainly because it is in drafted forms. Because the company is definitely on the early level, the existing program then may be the manual 1. A staff is designated in a certain counter of the store that accepts the item/s purchased by a customer. Utilizing a calculator, that staff computes the total amount due of the consumers. That staff using invoice forms generates the official receipt manually. Most transactions happen to be managed personally especially the adding and changing the products accessible in the compay. OBJECTIVES FROM THE STUDY

This study aim to develop a Product sales and Inventory Management System of ALMER’S Digital Printing and Audio Aesthetic Presentation, this is the system that we would like to put into action to be able to reduce the company’s individual effort, in order to save materials, products, transaction with the company. This method can also print out a invoice for a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly transaction data to function as the company’s hard copy. It can also check the number of stocks and shares that was written in this system every day.

Specific Objectives

1 . Make a Sales and Inventory system that include saving of stocks and options, transaction and printing of reports of ALMER’S Digital Printing and Audio Visible Presentation. installment payments on your Design a Sales and Inventory system that can print out receipt pertaining to the customer of the company. a few. Test and update the system.


This kind of study is approximately the Sales and Inventory Management System. It really is intended for the corporation wants have to utilize their information or documents in a long period of time. Adding new item/product: allow users to add a fresh product

Adding of item stocks: the particular admin is usually allow to add the number of inventory. Printing of Report: enable users to print most report like weekly revenue, all purchase, inventory report Sales and Report: allow user to print a study in daily, between dates and all transaction it also print out a report of customer whom are shopping for as sequel. Create Deal: allow consumer to create a transaction with invoice. Cancel Transaction: allow user to terminate transaction nonetheless it need an admin code. Transaction of Installment: let user to watch the customers which has a balance. Changing User: enable user to alter account in other admin or staff. Changing Admin Code: allow admin to change the security code. Creating New Users Consideration: allow customer to create a fresh user accounts but it will need an admin code to join up.

There are two access levels of this system. The first plus the powerful you are the Officer. He This lady has the overall expert and get in the program. Another function of the officer is that they maintains the machine. The various other one is the authorized worker that has the best of access in the Point-of-Sale. He/She is a one dependable in taking transactions from your customers. The administrator is providing all the email usernames and security passwords of the users of this system.

The official user can easily to view and make an revise with the information generated by the system. The authorized end user can specify the date range of the report had to view or perhaps update a certain report. This individual she is allowed to print the said statement.


ALMER’S Digital Printing and Audio Aesthetic Presentation and Inventory Method is limited when it comes to the equipment used. The device is set up in a desktop computer instead to a touch screen screen. The computer printer connected to it is an ordinary printer instead of a invoice printer.

The machine is not capable of accepting bank cards as a means of payment in the customer. Another thing is that not necessarily connected to a barcode reader that is used by simply different outlets today. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RESEARCH

To the Business ” for their business deal, keeping of records, adding of their inventory and printing of information. Inventory system will be proposed. To the Customer ” this technique helps the user to encode and print survey easily. To the Customer ” this method helped the consumer to view their particular transaction.

Physique 2 . you Conceptual Platform

Definition of Terms

App is a shorter form of program program. A software program is known as a program designed to perform a certain function immediately for the user or, occasionally, for another software. Inventory is usually an application make use of for keeping documents.

Management can be an take action, art, or manner of taking care of, controlling, and so forth Point of Sale (POS) or peruse is the place where a transaction occurs in return for goods or services. Receipt a written acceptance that some thing, as products, money, and so forth Sales the act of selling or perhaps exchanging a thing or some services for an agreed some funds.

Chapter 2



Method of Research Used

The primary concentration on this study encourages the methodically and organized gathering of most necessary data in completing and completing the study. Employing systematized types of procedures which entail a series of essential activities will lead the researchers to the development of the research. The first step in finding solution starts with a much deeper understanding of the

current status in the study. By doing this, different concerns within the system can be identified and therefore seeking for appropriate solutions will be necessary for the improvement of existing system. Data gathering procedure just like personal statement, research, study questionnaires, and interview to be used for the acquisition of relevant data.


The Descriptive Method is a fact finding strategy with satisfactory interpretation. This technique allows the researcher to get data and report from the point of view of a lot of objectives and basic supposition of the examine. It also studies and interprets the status of the program currently being used. This method of research targets process, evaluation, and meaning of data getting collected. This involves the interpretation with the change and supplementary schooling is carried out, as needed. Changes will be recommended via the Change Control Authority. Evaluate/assess program efficiency

Once the fresh system is ready to go for a while, it must be exhaustively assessed. Maintenance has to be kept up rigorously constantly. Users with the system needs to be kept up-to-date concerning the latest modifications and procedures.

Data Gathering Tools

These are generally set of actions that emphasis in the production of info for the device to be designed. The following musical instruments were employed for data gathering as a approach in acquiring as far as possible reliable data needed to even more scientific analysis of the software to be analyzed: QUESTIONAIRE

These are written and printed contact form comprising a number of question provided to a number of persons to obtain data intended for survey purpose. The experts created survey questions to decide the point of view with the respondents regarding the problems that manufactured the research workers come up with the proposed analyze. INTERVIEW

Through this part of techniques in gathering data or information. It is thought as a purposeful face-to-face marriage between two persons one of whom known as interviewer who also ask issue to gather details and the other interviewee or perhaps respondents who supplies the info asked for. The researchers obtained data from person who are related to the main topic of the study to look for the problems and able to specify the ways in order to solve them.

Software Analysis

This method of data gathering involves analysis of the research and the program to the respondents. The experts implied this tool to make it easier to collect information and feedback around the proposed analyze. Software evaluation is based on INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG 9126 Statement

This method can be used to identify and analyze the challenge and the requires of the participants. Observation is known as as the most immediate means of learning people as much as behavior is concerned. The research workers used their senses in order to investigate the constraints which will affect the organizing and rendering of the proposed system. The sense of sight is the central and the the majority of used of most the a few senses. During observation, the researcher finds out certain that but let them come up with the proposed study.

Statistical Tools

The statistical treatment is used in determining the measures of reliability and compared data between sampling and/or actions points. Statistical treatment of info is essential produce use of the information in the correct form. Natural data collection in only element of any test; the organization of information is essential so that ideal conclusion can be drawn. Measured Mean

Also known as the Average, it is defined as the sum coming from all scores of info divided by numbers of results in the info.

The mean denoted by Times of the results X1, X2, X3¦ has by the formula: X= ‘fx/N


By = MeanN = Total number of results

farrenheit = frequencyx = Score in the syndication

‘ = Quantity of all scores

Likert’s Size

The researchers use a numerical size, the Likert’s scale solution to interpret the poker site seizures of the evaluation to be manufactured. A level which participants indicate all their level of conformity with assertion that express favorable attitude towards an idea being deliberated. Rating

Analytical Tools

Interviews: with this tool we discover that the organization needs each of our proposal research. Observation: all of us observed the fact that company shed their purchase report sometimes and forgot to list the material that they can used to make a finish product. Questionnaire: we find out the fact that company really wants to use our proposal study.




Program General Features and System Function

Number 4-1: Program Security

User’s is to choose one of the Log-in varieties, if that they choose the admin log-in form they will be log in as admin but if that they choose the staff log-in they are log-in as employee.

Number 4-2: Admin Log-in Form

User allows inputting a valid username and password of admin account to access the system.

Number 4-3: Worker Log-in Type

Consumer allows typing a valid username and password of staff account to

get the system.

Number 4-4: Dash Screen

System is launching after logging in the admin/employee log-in contact form. It takes a couple of seconds before visit the main type.

Figure 4-5: Main Contact form

Primary form: allow user to select inventory, sales and studies and purchase. The take care of account is only for admin, if you log-in as admin, you can deal with the existing bank account can also create a new consideration. If you log-in as admin, you can add a fresh item, put in a stock of items, view most current stocks, and printing all records of products on hand, daily or between date ranges and by category. But if you log-in while employee you cannot add the amount of stocks. In sales and report, admin and employee allow producing transaction (daily, between times, all) and installment transaction (by volume, have no balance, all). In transaction users allows creating transaction, canceling transaction and viewing the whole installment purchase.

Figure 4-6: Inventory

Allows admin to add a fresh item, give a stock of things, view every current stocks and shares, and print all documents of products on hand, daily or between date ranges. But if you log-in since employee you can not add the number of stocks.

Number 4-7: Current Stock Contact form

Both equally admin and employee can easily view this form but the particular admin can add the number of the stock of items.

Figure 4-8: Add new Item Form

The users allow adding new item. First click the “ADDNEW button to allow the items, second, consumer allows to input item type in the event the item category is certainly not exist but if the item category is exist users let to select from the combo field, input a distinctive item term, quantity of shares, price per item and choose the size.

Number 4-9: Upgrading Current Share Form

Simply choose item name or type in the textbox and click on the search press button to view the amount of stock in the item you ultimately choose, after searching/selecting item term you can add the number of the item you selected.

Determine 4-10: Stamping Inventory Reviews Form

Simply choose date to print almost all records in between dates, also in category select a group of item to print and click the preview button of record to print all recorded item in the program.

Figure 4-11: Sales and Report Type

In Sales and Report Contact form, user enables printing deal, simply choosing category to be print (all, daily, between dates) and printing of transaction of installment, precisely the same in the purchase, users enables to choose either all, sum or 0 balance. Click on the generate press button after choosing from the category.

Figure 4-12: Transaction

In transaction both admin and worker allow to create transaction, end transaction, adding of payment for the installment transaction. Simply clicking the text and that goes to the several form of transaction.

Figure 4-13: Creating Transaction Form

In creating transaction consumer will suggestions the customer term, address and contact number, then simply select the item to be marketed and the payment, if the payment is installation it let user to input the 50% with the total cost.

Figure 4-14: Cancelling Purchase Form

In cancelling transaction contact form, the user must be select first the record to be terminate after clicking the record the form advise the user to type the admin code to cancel the transaction.

Figure 4-15: Installment Transaction Form

In installation transaction contact form, user allows to select the record of

customer who has a balance, after picking user must be input the balance if the consumers pay for it. Click save button to bring up to date the record and produce receipt.

Figure 4-18: Taking care of Accounts Form

In managing accounts form, end user allow to pick in any control button, if they select the log-in different admin consideration the system goes to the log-in form of the admin, if the produce new accounts selected, that goes to the creating new account contact form, in changing admin code, it goes to the changing account kind.

Figure 4-17: Managing Accounts Form

In creating new account, user has to be select in the event admin or perhaps employee the account being creates in that case enter a distinctive username and password. After creating a merchant account you can now utilize account to be created.

Figure 4-18: Changing Admin Code Form

Changing Admin Code contact form is to replace the security code that utilized in many means of this system. Basically input the old admin code and the fresh admin code and click the save press button to bring up to date the new admin code.


Stand 5. six Software Analysis for all Requirements

The table five. 6 reveals the overall rating of all program software standards. The system software program scored some. 72 which in turn equivalent to superb rating. The program software performance met precisely what is aligned with software analysis and exhibits excellent in most criteria.


The developer of Sales and Inventory Management would like to suggest the following improvement of the system, and also want to recommend some ideas on advancement regarding the usage of Sales and Inventory Management. 1 . The researchers would want to propose and additional enhancement about Sales and Inventory Management, additional improvement like appears alert, however the first objective of the experts is to develop a system that could easily to work with. 2 . Improve the GUI or perhaps Graphical User Interface with the system. This will likely give even more interactivity and nice looking intended for the company users.

3. The researcher would like also to propose for future designers and/or analysts to develop a Sale and Products on hand Management System you can use via internet. 4. A Sales and Inventory Management System created for keeping reason is likewise recommend by researchers. Company management may use this system on the web if the suggestion number several will done.


After gathering information on Sales and Inventory Management System (SIMS) and conducted a software evaluation, we are develop the conclusion that study will be very helpful to a large number of company plus the business market to minimize error on documenting inventories and every day deal.


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