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Brand management dissertation

1) What is the merchandise mix of Trung Nguyen? Exactly what the key attributes of its caffeine? How do these attributes support Trung Nguyen to distinguish itself from the competitors? The product mix identifies the total composite of products provided by Trung Nguyen coffee. This consists of diverse product lines, several product products in every product line and within each item is the product interesting depth. Firstly, the product line is a band of product or service items which are strongly related since they are sold to precisely the same consumer groups, are sold through the same types of outlets, have got similar usage or fall season within given price ranges.

Thus, Trung Nguyen Coffee’s product lines happen to be: Trung Nguyen Coffee, Passiona Coffee and G7 Immediate Coffee. The Passiona Coffee targets for consumers trying to find low-caffeine coffee and especially women, while the G7 Instant coffees are made for those who are too occupied to make a cup of coffee themselves. Trung Nguyen Coffee has 3 different product items, namely Innovative Coffee, Mix Coffee and Espresso Espresso.

Passiona Coffee contains 2 product item, Passiona roasted caffeine and Instant Passiona espresso.

As for the G7 Quick Coffees, the merchandise items are G7 Pure soluble, G7 Cappuccino and G7 Instant 3-in-1 coffee. Lastly, product depth is the range of variants in a product item. Trung Nguyen’s product depth of Innovative coffee involves the Weasel Coffee and Legendee Coffee. Also, a lot of variations of G7 Cappuccino are the Mocha G7 cappuccino and Hazelnut G7 cappuccino. Different sizes of coffees are believed as product depth as well. For example , the G7 Immediate 3-in-1 espresso is sold in 3 lengths: a package of 18 cafe sticks, a carrier of 22 cartouchière or a bulk pack handbag of 95 sachets.

Table1: Summary of product mix of Trung Nguyen | Product lines| | Trung Nguyen Coffee| Passiona Coffee| G7 Instant Coffee| Product items| -Blend coffee-Espresso coffee-Creative coffee Product depth: Weasel coffeeLegendee coffee| -Passiona roasted coffee-Passiona instant coffee| -G7 Real soluble-G7 cappuccinoProduct depth: Mocha G7 cappuccinoHazelnut G7 cappuccino-G7 instant 3-in-1Product depth: field of 18 cafe sticksbag of 22 sachetsbulk pack tote of 95 sachets| Key attributes consider the most important qualities of a item.

Trung Nguyen makes their point of difference through its essential attributes just like using the ideal coffee beans, unique brewing style and the new coffee concept. Trung Nguyen has a one of a kind selling point mainly because some capuccinos offered cannot be found somewhere else. Its capuccinos are authentically Vietnamese. For instance , the Weasel coffee is usually produced depending on the legend in Vietnam. To distinguish itself from its competitors, these kinds of key characteristics must talk benefits for consumers.

The coffee made available from Trung Nguyen is of a higher quality in comparison to other caffeine brands mainly because they use the best coffee beans procured from 4 of the world’s best coffee-growing regions. Additionally , Trung Nguyen is given the EureGAP certificate due to its good gardening practices just like having constantly good quality coffees and employing environmentally friendly systems. Coupled with their very own oriental secrets, consumers would prefer Trung Nguyen because their very own coffee can be brewed a lot more aromatic and rich.

Trung Nguyen applied their new concept of caffeine to set up a “Creative Espresso House to be able to differentiate itself and gain market share. It is now well-known intended for the impressive clubhouse whereby customers can also enjoy coffee in a beautiful and sentimental atmosphere while suffering from Vietnamese cultural events and exhibitions. Pertaining to consumers who value this sort of innovative product services, they are going to choose Trung Nguyen’s coffee over the other “grab a coffee to go caffeine styles. 2) What are the roles of branding? Precisely what are the benefits of logos to vendors and purchasers in the coffee market.

The role of branding is always to create an identity to get the product. The identity created can have some personalities and can gain brand equity. Advantages of branding A lot of benefits of branding for sellers of the Trung Nguyen caffeine are that they can be able to showcase the angles of difference from its opponents due to its distinctive identity. They can obtain legal protection like trademarks to stop copycats of their brand. The counterfeit goods are capable of thieving Trung Nguyen’s sales when ever consumers are uncertain of how the real packaging of coffee looks like.

There is also a chance for the counterfeit coffee to ruin Trung Nguyen’s popularity. Consumers who have bought the counterfeit caffeine by mistake may well view Trung Nguyen to be of a lousier quality rather. All this will be effectively avoided by branding because faking is illegal. Brand value is created by branding and careful marketing. Trung Nguyen can subsequently earn bigger profits since consumers are offering a higher price with this particular label of coffee. Likewise, brand equity can lead to larger economic worth of the brand, whereby it becomes an asset for Trung Nguyen when it wishes to trade its brand.

Last but not least, Trung Nguyen can perform brand dedication through creating preferences toward their manufacturer. If Trung Nguyen coffee is able to maintain a consistently good quality espresso product, buyers would keep in mind the brand, propagate the word about and regularly purchase its coffee. On the buyers end, they may experience the most benefits coming from Trung Nguyen’s branding. Caffeine is a ease product in fact it is important to make it simple to find. Consumers should be able to correctly recognize the products within a short period of your energy due to Trung Nguyen’s marketing thus becoming more efficient buyers.

Furthermore, buyers may gain assurance of product perfromance and quality. Employees must make sure products on offer are : of regularly good quality and are also specially conditioned to deliver this kind of promise. Customers will remain dedicated to Trung Nguyen caffeine because they are pleased with this brand and still have no need to search for another. 3) What makes up the brand personality of Trung Nguyen? What is the evaluation on this identity? How can the brand id be superior? Brand identity is the apparent elements of a brand and also the actual organization wishes consumers to perceive the brand as.

That constitutes of “Trung Nguyen as its term, the logo and its tagline “Explore creative inspiration A successful name brand should reveal the personality and principles of the brand, be simple, unforgettable, positive and emotional. A logo is the image that embodies a company. It is one of the most prominent logos elements that consumers can think of the moment someone brings up the company. An excellent brand logo should be memorable, futuristic and consistent and also portray the rewards to their target audience. The tagline has to be simple and easy to not forget.

It also has to remain short since the tagline is always integrated into a large number of marketing items. Evaluation of brand name name: Buyers associate Trung Nguyen to “Central highlands which identifies Dak Lak, the state capital of coffee wherever green espresso is cultivated. This gives a great advantageous connection between Trung Nguyen and high quality and fresh coffees. Also, the rand name name presents the uniqueness and richness of the Thai culture. However , the identity Trung Nguyen does not maintain any meaning for non-Vietnamese. This may alienate consumers from all other parts of the world.

Another poor point could possibly be that its name is hard to pronounce for non- Vietnamese consumers. Likely improvements: For the reason that company’s term has been around since 1996 when it started, it can not be changed normally the company needs to build up manufacturer awareness from day one all over again. Hence, the company ought to work hard in educating people and let these people understand the positive association among Trung Nguyen and “Central highlands. For instance , they would use their existing Internet website and include this kind of under the “learn more choice.

People visiting the website are able to learn about the affiliation and slowly adopt Trung Nguyen as their favourite coffee. Evaluation of logo I think, the logo could be a little small , insignificant. Emotional influences just like selective direct exposure and preservation affects client buying behavior. For example , the appealing cup of coffee printed in its packaging of Innovative coffee may distract the consumers in the brand name. The logo is also unattractive and boring due to the use of dull and non-contrasting shades. The typeface used in the emblem has small stylistic different versions making it somewhat boring too.

Possible advancements Firstly, the emblem should be scaled to a greater size. Likewise, the advertising manager of Trung Nguyen can make utilization of brighter plus more contrasting colours to make their logo more outstanding and attention-catching. The font could be changed to some thing cursive. This may better get consumer’s attention thus departing a much deeper impression and resulting in better brand memory space and identification. For example Coca Cola, using its logo in a strikingly bright red background and white cursive words, is incredibly successful at making sure that every consumer remembers it.

Evaluation of tagline: Trung Nguyen’s tagline “Explore creative inspiration consists of simply 3 simple words hence should be not too difficult for everyone to keep in mind. However , Trung Nguyen tagline is still quite foreign to the people across the globe because they do not employ much above-the-line marketing. Feasible improvements Throughout the print media and advertising, Trung Nguyen can improve this aspect of its brand identity. The marketing supervisor could create a Facebook . com page and make it known to persons. Maintaining a Facebook webpage is relatively cheap as compared to constant TV advertisements.

Because thousands of people are using Facebook, it is very successful for Trung Nguyen to get their company identity throughout. Another point of improvement likewise through the advertising is through its on the net website. Probably the tagline could be added inside the “history of Trung Nguyen tab as it is currently certainly not. On top of that, they can make use of emotional branding to elicit a favourable psychological response. Adding emotional words and phrases like “Happy, “Healthy and “Beautiful can boost revenue of their espresso.

As customers become more and more aware of health insurance and beauty today, Trung Nguyen can industry more of their Passiona caffeine which is rampacked with collagen, vitamin PP and other unusual oriental herbal remedies through it is tagline. 4) What is the branding approach of Trung Nguyen? Exactly what are the advantages and risks of the branding strategy? Trung Nguyen uses an umbrella branding strategy. Several types of coffees include a sub-brand which combines the corporate manufacturer with a new manufacturer. Trung Nguyen’s Passiona Roasted coffee and Trung Nguyen’s Espresso coffee are 2 examples. Benefits of umbrella marketing:

Capitalizing on the existing brand value of Trung Nguyen, it could sell recently introduced goods quickly. Consumers who have had a good experience of its caffeine will transfer this great attitude to new things. For instance, Trung Nguyen’s Creative coffee might have been developed prior to Passiona coffee. Consumers who have liked Imaginative coffee would have a higher chance of buying the Passiona coffee as they are under the same brand and thus would become of an equally good quality. Furthermore, the Passiona coffee could be set in a higher price because consumers are offering more pertaining to brand benefit.

This can cause additional profits for Trung Nguyen. Another advantage of employing an umbrella brand is a lower promoting and advertising costs. Trung Nguyen simply needs to come up with a single ad because it is coffees talk about one personality. Also, since Trung Nguyen is used on all of the goods, level of manufacturer awareness is straightforward to raise. To name an example of a successful sub-branding approach, Gatorade has developed and released Gatorade Frost, Gatorade G2, Gatorade energy bar, and so forth into the industry and stayed at popular getting the leading sporting activities drink company in many countries.

Dangers of umbrella branding: In every marketing strategy there exists bound to be considered a down side. A few risks of umbrella marketing are the fact that failure of 1 type of espresso may impact the sales from the whole Trung Nguyen brand products. It can be inadvisable to put all the ova into one basket. For instance, in case the production G7 Mocha acquired some difference that triggered the espresso to be too sweet, customers may believe that the rest of Trung Nguyen packet fast coffees will be as lovely and so move over to Nescafe coffee rather.

Secondly, sales of one merchandise item can come at the expenditure of other items come in the same products. Lastly, this is of Trung Nguyen may also be diluted with an umbrella branding technique. Apart from espresso, Trung Nguyen also has other product just like Green Tea, Oolong tea, and so forth However , Trung Nguyen identifies Dak Lak, the region capital of coffee so offering tea as an alternative drink is not too relevant to the brand name name.


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