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Attacking advertisement composition

A few marketers make use of persuasive adverts to capture the interest of the buyers; however , a lot of marketers work with offensive principles to make advertising and produce strong manufacturer awareness. This is exactly what Dolce and Gabanna do in endorsing the products on the market. The magazine advertisement shows an image of the lady although being raped by a band of men. The controversial advertising campaign shows a man holding a lady by her wrists which symbolizes domestic violence. Even though the lady is situated on the ground plus the man grabs her adjustable rate mortgage, they are getting surrounded by topless men.

Seemingly, this ad portrays assault against females (Walters, 2007).

Obviously, the company wants to encourage publicity through this poster advertisement. The organization aims to promote the brand name rather than the product itself. Through this kind of advertising campaign, the world will quickly recall the company which would make all of them buy the merchandise because of its prominence in the market (Bel et ‘s, 2005). This creative cartel ad should sell the brand name and conscious the sentiment of the persons regarding home-based violence.

Although it portrays aggression, the company has the right to show that to the general public to make the buyers aware about the rights of women in the society.

Showing unpleasant images does not mean promoting a specific action for the public, it could serve as the bridge to help make the government as well as the community action to get rid of the root of aggression in the world. It has to be given away to the industry not only to generate sales nevertheless also to spread out the eyes of the people about household violence. The concept this cartel ad became controversial due to the subliminal text messages should be accepted as a good marketing technique because the community easily reacted to the emails that this kind of ad shows to the culture.

This advertising campaign may possess negative messages but it only shows that your apparel firm could create a highly effective publicity to promote the business and bring up the societal problems. The experts may find this kind of advertisement because offensive; however , this would bring about the emotion of the persons and make sure they are act against domestic assault. References Bel, B. Brouwer, J. & Das, W. (2005). Press and Yoga. New Delhi: SAGE Walters, C. (2007). Is This Style Ad Advertising Gang Rasurado?. The Consumer. Retrieved Drive 19, 2009 from http://consumerist. com/consumer/advertising/is-this-fashion-ad-promoting-gang-rape-313579. php


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