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Durability and weak point of key compentency


To be able to anticipate changes in business, management should build an appropriate tactical plan. Concentrating on a industry’s core competencies establishes an exceptional integrated program that competition cannot duplicate. By the explanation as Prahalad and Hamel (1990) mentioned, core proficiency is a ordinaire knowledge about tips on how to combine business diverse solutions, technologies and know-how. Because the foundation of competitive advantages of enterprise increasing long-term steadiness, core proficiency has equally strengths and weakness.

Resource Based Look at and Key competence

To focus on the particular contents of core proficiency, the idea of “resource based view (1990) is useful to recognize and what will be useful resource of core competence.

The firm solutions are grouped in to 3 categories while physical capital resources, human being capital solutions, and company capital assets. These methods can be business’s competitive benefit as valuable, unique, inimitable and environmentally friendly.

Strengths of core expertise

In respect to Prahalad and Hamel (1990), primary competency is useful for the companies to choose their particular strategic management pattern adaptable and module outstanding enterprise culture along with value; furthermore, core competency can help firm to strengthen the business management, since the firm provides the unique useful resource.

Firstly, key competency looks at the requirements and benefit that consumers need. This could significantly increase the efficiency of products and service improvement as well as reduce costs together with the increasing of competitive good thing about the organization. For example , the core competence of FedEx is the high-level logistic management, even it has the fairly more expensive compared to the peers, this still liked by high status among clients with effective highly-speed delivery. Apple has got the product of iPod Nano has got the core competence of little size, which is often brought with conveniently. Manyfirms focusing on building up the core competence to distinguished while using rivals to advance the products getting together with the demands of customers and generate more revenue and kudos. (Hunger, 2012)

Secondly, the innovation capacity to invent new items due to a determined main competency is definitely an explicit strength. (Shieh, 2011) The example offered in an document by Prahalad and Hamel (1990) displays this situation. According to that, in eighties few American and European telecommunications companies (such because Motorola, GENERAL ELECTRIC, GTE, GEC) made a decision leaving the market of colour television sets, because they will considered this as a mature market. However , in the nineties the colour tv industry became an attractive marketplace with $20-billion-a-year opportunities because of the advent of HDTV technology. Got one of the shown companies centered on its main competency in integrated telecommunication technology, it might have probably enabled a company to occupy this profitable market. Consequently, the core expertise concept offers an opportunity to respond quickly to emerging solutions and innovative developments, and also the growing capabilities of rivals. That might be considered as durability in the principle.

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Weaknesses of core competency

As we can see, a lot of enterprises vanish as soon as they appears, several go downhill midway, even though some grow stronger after suffering from ups and downs. The main reason just lies in that it is impossible to maintain the core expertise. The following are the weakness of core proficiency, how to use primary competency and how can it include sustainability:

First of all, core competence is hard to be protected. However, core proficiency will not be worn out with the passing of time, but actually will be superior with their program and posting. The main competency should be cultivated and protected. It has the potential risk for staying copied and imitated by rivals. The business should increase the “imitation threshold of the rivals by applying a certain management technique or ways to make the core competency maintain in front of its opponents to a certain extent and “make an isolation area or safe area for its core expertise.

Secondly, the core skills focuses on the interior factors, quite simply, it ignores the external factors. While Prahalad and Hamel (1990) claimed, the expansion of businesses are mostly depend on the company accumulated encounter and understanding other than the external electric power. But in fact, since every one of the resources will certainly depreciate, too much focus on the interior development and neglect of the outside big environment changes will result in the inability and excessive competitive advantage.

Thirdly, the blind and excessive variation will cause the losing of core proficiency. For example , the large Group, which started via IT industry, once decided to become the IBM of China; afterwards it turned to health food, then simply real estate, and invested a huge amount of money to build a giant building, but was drawn down by it. Of course , to deal with diversification after much thought. does not corresponding to totally decline it. The guidelines which detailed diversified operation should stick to are:  the diversification depending on taking one particular industry because the goal; ¡related diversification. For example , Haier Group broadened the main competencies that obtained from wine bottle coolers to various household appliances just like air condition, washing machine, and color TV.


Based on all the discussion offered over, it is now possible to state which the concept of the core competencies is a sophisticated tool that can help to make an exclusive business technique and to discover the strong points and chances. However , this method cannot notify a company against market’s thrashing changes. Alternatively, despite the restriction because of generalizability, the study’s results reveal that experts should examine strengths and weaknesses and incorporate a blend different ways to achieve substantial. Enterprises ought to be for successful strategic administration in order to cultivate and its individual core competitiveness. Enterprises will need to use their own internal and external positive aspects and possibilities, overcome the shortcoming of internal and risk, convert weaknesses in to advantage and risk in opportunities, sooner or later, will become the enterprise’s primary competency.


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