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The glass menagerie essay

“Choose a play in which a central figure behaves within an obsessive method. Describe the nature of the character’s obsessive behaviour and go over the influence this behavior has on your understanding of the figure in the play as a whole.

“The Goblet Menagerie” is known as a play authored by Tennessee Williams. The perform is semi-autobiographical, told from the point of view of the article writer. It is a memory space play set in the home the Wingfield family members. The play is about a young man, Ben, who lives with his mother, Amanda and his sister, Laura.

The play explores the various struggles of each individual throughout the great depression. The characters most have their defects and causes which help all of us to understand all of them and sympathise or believe them. All of the characters in the play react in some type of obsessive method; however , Amanda behaves most strongly in this way.

Amanda Wingfield is one of the primary characters and plays a great role inside the readers understanding of the enjoy as a whole. Your woman behaves in a really obsessive method throughout the enjoy and this creates conflict between your other characters. In Picture one, our company is introduced to Amanda’s obsessive and controlling actions. As Ben eats at the dinner table, Amanda continuously pesters him, telling him how you can eat his food. “Don’t push with your fingers. When you have to push anything, the thing to push with is definitely the crust of bread…So gnaw your food and offer your salivary glands to be able to function! ” Amanda doggie snacks Tom like a child which will frustrates him. He is extremely short tempered and easily irritated by Amanda’s over controlling and excessive personality. In addition, she obsesses above Toms less than comfortable habits, proclaiming that; “you smoke cigarettes too much. ” Amanda is continually complaining about Tom and criticising him, due to the fact her passion and continuous desire for excellence in all aspects of her your life. She is like this as she cares for them but does not realise that she is obstructing her kids.

In Field three, Amanda has a heated up argument with Tom. This is certainly instigated by Amanda’s act of throwing away Toms ebooks. She exclaims that she “took that horrible book back to the library. ” This angers Tom and he grille all his frustration onto her controlling character and the impression of entrapment as a consequence of this kind of. Amanda is usually very controlling over Toms actions since she gets suspicious of what he gets up to at night. This emphasises the lack of liberty that Ben feels due to her behavior and celebrate tension and arguments together. Tom seems the need to break free but Amanda is enthusiastic about the fact responsibility and responsibility comes first. Amanda is worried about her children and seems that it is her responsibility to monitor their very own actions constantly, however the lady fails to realise the effect this has on them.

Amanda also obsesses over Laura in Field three; “Laura began to play a more and more important component in Mom’s calculations. It has become an obsession… the image from the gentleman caller haunted our small condo. ” She’s preoccupied with finding Laura a man caller because she feels this would be perfect for the family members. Laura, staying disabled, puts financial stress upon the family. If perhaps Amanda surely could procure a gentleman mystery caller for her, this would ensure a better quality of living for her and the family members. Amanda frequently tells Laura to expect a large number of gentlemen callers and determines to ignore her impairment. She tells Laura to “stay new and quite for guy callers. ” Amanda’s insensitivity in this matter crushes Laura’s confidence.

In Scene six, on hearing the news from the arrival of the potential lady, Amanda “has worked like a Turk in preparation. ” This implies her obsession with appearance and impressing Rick. She deceives people in to making them feel that they are a wealthy family – despite the fact they are not really rich. She attempts to create a lasting impression on Rick in the desire that he may be their particular saviour by poverty. Amanda is doing this kind of for the main benefit of both very little and her family.

Even though trying to protect a suitor for Laura, Amanda generally reminisces regarding her individual past. She actually is still surviving in the past and speaks than it often – so often that Tom and Laura may already foresee what is approaching next.

“Tom: I know exactly what is coming.

Laura: Yes. But permit her notify it… The lady loves to inform it. ” She typically talks of her “seventeen gentlemen callers. ” Amanda is do it yourself obsessed and narcissistic, suggesting that she judges a woman’s well worth by the quantity of focus she obtains – further causing Laura to think insecure regarding herself. Amanda is vain and egotistical and obsesses over her appearance. In Scene two she is described as wearing “cheap or bogus velvety-looking cloth coats with imitation coat collar. ” She cares for you very much on her appearance and she prides itself in this.

Her clothing show that she is continue to living in her own past yet now could be only a faded the southern area of bell. Amanda is used to attention and Scene seven, she ensures to costume attractively, although it is allowed to be Laura’s evening. Amanda “wears a girlish frock of yellowed voile with a green silk sash… the legend of her youth is almost revived. ” The event of Sean the potential man caller, will remind her of her individual past, through which she acquired countless lady callers.

Not only does Amanda obsess over her own physical appearance but also the appearance of her children. Ahead of Jim comes, in Picture six; “Amanda produces two powder puffs which she wraps in handkerchiefs and stuffs in Laura’s bosom. ” This highlights the recurring concept of the appearance compared to reality, which can be evident in lots of of Amanda’s actions. She actually is so immersed in her actions, the lady I happy to deceive persons in order to get what she feels she needs. The girl obsesses above many things in Scene several, for example , the lady insists that Laura available the door to Jim and Tom which is insensitive to Laura’s stresses and insecurities. However Amanda is only doing this due to the fact that Sean acts as a beacon of wish for them all and she is anticipating the evening to be a success.

In conclusion, Amanda is deeply flawed through in regards to her obsessive and over controlling way. Due to her behaviour, your woman eventually pushes Tom away. However , the girl only means well in her actions. She actually is critical of her children because she feels she understands what is great for them. Her obsessive mother nature influences the readers understanding of her character in the play in general. It helps you understand Amanda’s and her children’s struggles, hopes and fears.

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