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Journey always change the people involved essay

Journey is a movements from one location to another. Travels have many distinct obstacles and challenges. Journey can either be physical, inner, imaginative and emotional. Most journeys possess a purpose. The style has been explained by composers in the text message ‘beneath clouds’, directed by Ivan Sen and ‘journey to freedom’, a recount by Hai Van Nguyen. In under clouds, Ivan Sen looks at the physical and interior journey from the two primary characters Impegno and Vaughn. Ivan sen brings out the conflict among aboriginal and white persons, as well as complications affecting both communities.

In journey to freedom’, the narrator shows the different activities and disputes of her family, who also fled from Vietnam upon fishing boat confident for a better future. The narrator links her experiences to the scenario in Australia. The two texts demonstrate different aspects of journey through different film techniques, terminology, settings, emblems and conversation. Both characters in underneath clouds happen to be aboriginal ancestry and Impegno is fair-skinned Australian young lady who lives with her aboriginal mother and sibling in a small nation town.

She feels that there are no life choices for her presently there, other than teen pregnancy and unemployment. Vaughn is an angry primitive teenage boy who’s living in a minimum-security prison in a western NSW. Vaughn can be hardened simply by his experience of the world. Vaughn feels that as an aboriginal boy or girl, he have been victimised simply by white Australians. They satisfy on the road to Sydney. The voyage brings all of them together. They are both searching for a purpose in life and trying to find a perception of belonging. In quest to liberty the concept of physical and internal journey, is shown throughout the challenges and hardships the family were required to face their journey to freedom. That they travelled via Vietnam to Malaysia confident for a better future, and ended up within a refugee camp, where they will faced various challenges till eventually these people were allowed in Australia. The text messaging shows the way the journey had not been easy, had been difficult and choices had to be made. Their journey was challenging and fear damaged their attitudes with a new feeling of hope if a new your life in their desire country was offered. These types of experiences manufactured the way on her behalf to develop a new attitude and compassion to get the refugees in Australia. The hardships allowed her to maintain her understanding of the world.

The settings in beneath atmosphere, the physical environment becomes reflect the changing emotions in the characters. All their journey usually takes them through different adjustments – through the desert and dry countries to train vans and cities. The adjustments changed constantly to reflect the changing emotions from the characters. The dead butterfly symbolises the worthless of her your life, and her neat room shows what Lena is searching for. In journey to freedom, a recount provides a detailed series of events explained to show the experience of her relatives during their voyage. The reader is able to imagine and develop an awareness and obstructions written by the narrator. They have enhanced the understanding of the earth around them along with develops a comprehending of the current problems.

Quest change the people involved while seen in the characters from the two texts. In below clouds, the journey of Lena and Vaughn can be described as journey to get recognized in their community/society. Lie is known as a journey that individuals all make and it could be a search to get love or perhaps freedom as with journey to freedom. In the process life is a journey stuffed with decisions and choices. Lena and Vaughn had an goal in their physical and interior journey, Ardore outgrows her hatred towards aboriginals and Vaughn has a better understanding of the world great attitude to all white colored people alterations. The narrator in quest to freedom gets what she wished after she was naturally entre in Australia. Her voyage has changed her awareness of the world surrounding them. To conclude, by using a variety of film techniques and languages, the composers in the two text messages have shown how journey usually change the people involved.


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