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Jazz music concert expression essay

Jazz is a musical design that began in Black communities inside the southern Usa around the start of the twentieth century. It was a new style of music that helped bring together music traditions by West The african continent and The european countries. Some of their West Africa musical impact on give jazz its unique appear. Jazz has many different elements, which are improvisations, swinging, using blue records, and combining different tempos. I attended The Bill and Helen Murray Jazz Residency Program featured Ellery Eskelin on the Saxophone with Leslie Acorn for the pedal stainlesss steel guitar and Michael Formanek on the traditional acoustic bass plus the Towson University or college Jazz Faculty Ensemble Presenting Dave Balloy on the brass, flugelhorn, and piccolo brass, Jim Mc falls within the trombone and baritone, Bernard Murphy on the piano, Shaun Reed around the bass and last but not least, Outspoken Russo for the drums and cymbals.

At each live concert about four songs had been performed. The musical elements in both equally performances that classify the background music I observed as jazz were the swing rhythms and improvisations.

The Jazz Residency Program was based on imprévu. Each player at this live concert; had the ability to instantaneously create, revise and perform all their parts amazingly. As Ellery played the Sax, Susan and Michael jordan played their particular instrument spontaneously creating new melodies.

On the Jazz Faculty ensemble, the musicians played songs that had been previously created. Their musical styles were mostly bebop and golf swing with lots of phone and act in response. Jim Mc falls could play his trombone and all group people would follow after him. The track “Moodly seemed like bebop, because there were a lot of bass drum bombs and tonal schisme. “Marsch welcher freien Sound Fur Funf Instrumente was also a bebop song that was played with expanded harmonies and tonal dissension.

Some of the nontraditional jazz elements that I read were played out at both these styles the Punk Concerts. Leslie Acorn enjoyed the pedal steelguitar, that we found as a nontraditional aspect. The sound was completely different via what I had ever heard before. At the Brighten Faculty Outfit, Dave Ballou played the Piccolo Brass for the last part “Conversion. The high-pitched appear made the song slur and mix with soft melodies.

Listening to each live performance, gave me two totally different experience. The Jazz music Residency concert was almost all improvisations, therefore it didn’t make me recall any of the music I had heard before. The Jazz Faculty ensemble was a reminder of music variations like Skill Tatum, Ruben Coltrane, and Duke Ellington. When they played out Hamster in a bucket it’s reminded me of “In a Mellotone by Duke Ellinton. Then Sawzag Ballou enjoyed the brass in the tune “Cry Baby like Mls Davis performed the brass in the music “So What.

In conclusion, the standard of both activities was excellent. Each functionality was different and that’s what I loved. The jazz residency program was completely improvised, leaving myself opened and surprised at every note each player decided to play. The Jazz Faculty Ensemble’s tracks had a exclusive vibe. They will made the sounds with their music get together and I believed the tempo. I would defiantly pay to view each performance again. I left the concerts grinning, because We felt as if I knew exactly what they were trying to accomplish using their music. The 2 ensembles We attended showcased some of the most accomplished musicians We ever heard performing at Towson University.

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