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Second language is known as the language we learn after our mother tongue. It is the secondary option of the person. People learn second language to get multiple reasons, to communicate with people of numerous ethnic, to get task, to experience easy to reside in strange nation or environment, to learn international culture and lifestyle etc .

As it is very important to know or perhaps speak chinese of the place where we all live. Yet , my secondary language “English is among the most the most challenging to learn in a short period of your energy.

The learning second language is much interesting and challenging, and also make more knowledge if we possess good group discussion and talk with the teacher about own encounter and problems. I relocated to an environment that was totally different from the one particular I came from. I knew that the would be my personal biggest hurdle I would need to overcome. I sat behind the class area and experienced shy to schedule an appointment friends and teacher because I can’t frame an excellent sentence to show my problem.

But educator help me in each and every stage of my personal problems that My spouse and i faced. In middle of the semester, I understand even more English and i also started requesting question regarding my challenges to my own teacher, the issues were fix in obvious and powerful way and I handle quickly. I found know while I learn The english language everything will be possible and simple if we continue working with filled with interest. In my opinion one of the best ways to learning can be writing in blog and read fully.

I was not really great writer and reader because I speak and believe in Nepali. When I have trouble I talk and consult with friends and teacher to find out the correct response and when I know the answer I keep on working on it intended for my experience in future. In addition , Group dialogue became good source to understand lots of different thought to express the thought. I was very much sure if we give full focus with curiosity on it we are able to definitely, master lots of language and become a great writer and speaker.

Nevertheless , the instructor chosen the subject was so interesting and funny. The topic was to express my own knowledge and judgment towards the environment where I had fashioned grown up. It absolutely was more interesting to write in Nepali but it was so hard to show the feeling in English. My spouse and i work in being attentive text and write down the vocabulary word which I observed in every single day. I believed that, the way of learning English terminology just to read and write loud. Just how I help to make my vocabulary better is just keep on exercising lots.

I understand that I was the one choose my vocabulary will prove in the future. Opportunities finally opened up for me, nonetheless it took efforts. Life was complicated during the transition stage when I was learning to accustom myself into a new language. Additionally, my classes were tough in various domains like group discussions, groundwork, listening and writing. I actually studied on-line, extra time away of college, and ultimately I am feeling simple to interact with several American Persons, learn their very own culture and life styles.

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