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Alex Larson Feb . 9, 2009 Writing 122 Reckless Endangerment or Streets Racing? A single well known fact is the fact teens, guys in particular, want to drive in higher rates, sometimes leading to street racing. It is a serious problem and causes deaths all over the Usa and tragedy to many people. Some people claim cracking upon teens using police force can be how to resolve the crisis.

Others, such as Denver Post columnist Leonard Sax, and San Diego Point out University teacher Stephen Bender, believe it could be wise to institute a supervised street racing program for teens.

What both sides want to achieve is known as a lowered fatality rate of young teenagers looking for a very little thrill. 1 side desires to have a bigger crackdown in street racers. The Denver Post document supports applications against this kind of racers. The Los Angeles Authorities Department provides implemented the tactic of confiscating supped-up racing cars to prevent all their use in street racing, and Denver wants to copy the idea. The author advises the other side’s remedy: supervised, legal, track auto racing (Authorities. ) Presenting another idea, Leonard Sax and Stephen Bender have supported and began, respectively, RaceLegal.

RaceLegal is actually a supervised race event at San Diego Stadium. On Thursday nights teenage boys and young men event and do pull racing within the four-laned, one-eighth mile observe (Leonard. ) According to Sax’s content, similar programs have commenced in The atlanta area, Las Vegas, and Muncie, Indianapolis. In Noble, Oklahoma they are mimicking Bender’s idea. A fifteen dollar entrance gets you into Thunder Valley Track Park to see or participate in “Beat heat.  This method takes a different twist, with participants auto racing in their very own cars against local cops in their cop cruisers (Leonard. Sax claims that education to stop young adults isn’t supporting stop the “epidemic,  as Bender refers to that, but may actually catalyze that. Teenage males like to do what they’ve been told is too hazardous to do, and so naturally traffic when told not to, may be the result. He believes allowing for legal sporting will quiet teens upon public tracks (Leonard. ) Both sides carry out have good programs to prevent untimely deaths. Taking race teens off the road or taking their autos away will solve the problem. However , getting one of those eighteen year-olds having a red athletics ar and a bit of a lead foot, We would respond much better to shifting my activity off the public road into a track than being pulled over for being a teenager with a quickly car. To be able to race anywhere else would definitely prevent me coming from driving as fast in public pavements. A legal race league seems to be a well recognized idea, the Denver Content article, which will talks about implementing police action, even alludes to the implication of such a program, just all their idea adjustments it in order that teens are not allowed to competition, which kind of beats the purpose and doesn’t full the objective at hand, which is resolving the teen avenue racing crisis.

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