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12. 2011 Fusun Ulengin MANUFACTURER OR PERHAPS DISTRIBUTOR STORAGE WITH BUYER PICKUP? Products on hand is kept at the supplier or company? Orders will be shipped to designated pickup truck points exactly where customers come and get their order 18. doze. 2011 Fusun Ulengin MANUFACTURER OR SUPPLIER STORAGE WITH CUSTOMER PICKUP? Cost elements? Inventory, is usually low, assimilation at the producer or distributor? Transportation can be lowest when you use package jar due to collectiong at pickup truck locations Facility and managing, facility costs are substantial if gathering location will not exist currently. Handling costs at pick-up locations are high.? Data system, Even more elaborative and sophisticated, extra system in the pickup spots.? Service factors? Response times, just like delivery with package companies? Customer knowledge, worse seeing that customer needs to pickup them himself. However, since client do not need to wait around at home for delivery and customer can pay cash with the pickup area instead of paying out online ahead of time, some buyers may like pickup option better. The perfect time to market is just like other options with manufacturer safe-keeping? Order visibility is very important. Customers should be educated when their orders get there.? Returns are much easier to handle in pickup area. Returns can be aggregated and shipped backside from pick-up locations. 18. 12. 2011 Fusun Ulengin RETAIL STORAGE AREA WITH CUSTOMER PICKUPS? Stocks are kept in retail stores, consumers walk into a store to pick those items they want or perhaps items they may have ordered on the net or simply by phone. Blended order positioning options. The majority of traditional choice. 8. 12. 2011 Fusun Ulengin RETAIL STORAGE WITH CUSTOMER PICK-UPS? Cost Factors? Inventory costs are more than other options while the arrays are disaggregated and organised locally? Transportation costs will be lower than other solutions. Inexpensive modes can be used to replenish stocks at retail outlets.? Facility costs are large. Many community facilities.? Data system, Nominal if there is simply no online ordering option. Intended for online alternative more complex details system specifically for order visibility.? Service Factors Response times are very good. Same working day pickup for some products.? Product variety is leaner than other alternatives.? Product availability is costly to keep substantial.? Customer experience depends on in the event the customer likes to shop or not.? The perfect time to market is greatest.? Order visibility is important in the event online buying is allowed.? Returns could be handled with the stores easily. 18. doze. 2011 Fusun Ulengin ELEKTRONISCHE GESCHÄFTSABWICKLUNG AND THE SYNDICATION NETWORK? Effect of E-Business on Customer care? Response period, For merchandise that can be downloaded very fast.

Intended for physical items takes longer to fulfill an order than regular stores.? Product selection, easier to offer variety than brick-and-mortar shop. (Amazon, think about the retail store while using same variety offered by Amazon)? Product supply, Better details gathering and forecasting. Better mach between supply and demand, better product availableness.? Customer knowledge,?? Access, day after day access. Geographically eliminating the access limitations. Customization, modification of merchandise and buying experience. Dell, Amazon ” displays related products) Comfort, Making the purchase at where you are.. Elevated speed of conducting organization. (e. g. Use of past data intended for address info)? Time to market, Fast. A fresh product can be made available as soon as a the first unit is ready. Dell uses this feature.? Order presence, Critical to provide. Internet causes this happen.? Returnability, Harder issue compared to classic stores since items are dispatched from a central area usually. More returns with online acquisitions. 18. doze. 2011

Fusun Ulengin E-BUSINESS AND THE CIRCULATION NETWORK? Effects of Elektronische geschäftsabwicklung on Customer Service? Other advantages of e-business?? 18. 12. 2011 Enhanced earnings for companies by eliminating intermediaries and having direct contact with customer. Dell v. s. HP. Versatile pricing, advertising and item portfolio? Airline last-minute low priced seat, Dell’s ability of dynamic charges depending on the component availability and demand. Effective fund transfers, Quicker and cheaper. Fusun Ulengin ELEKTRONISCHE GESCHÄFTSABWICKLUNG AND THE SYNDICATION NETWORK Impact of E-Business on Cost? Inventory, Better mach of supply and demand, geographical aggregation lowers inventories. Capacity of postponement also helps reducing inventory costs.? Facilities and Handling?? Significantly less and centralized facilities, fewer intermediaries reduce facility cost. E-business can easily reduce the handling costs in order fulfillment by having the customer carry out some part of the procedure, e. g. checking product availability, getting into details of the order. Smoothing the rate of order satisfaction, thus reducing the useful resource requirements.

As opposed to the stores orders do not have to be processed as soon as they arrive. To the disadvantages, for some goods like food stores, an e-business has to accomplish some duties currently performed by the clients at stores. E. g. Picking the items customer wants and having home.? Transport, Usually higher cost due to improved outbound travel costs. For downloadable products, significantly less travel cost.? Details, Shared demand information, better coordination and collaboration decreases the overall source chain costs.

The cost of preparing the information program required can be significant. 18. 12. 2011 Fusun Ulengin E-BUSINESS AND THE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK? The value that e-business delivers is not the same in every industry.? Dell, a hit story although Webvan is actually a failure? E-business-Scorecard can be used to support decide if e- business is suitable for your organization, how it effects your distribution network in costs and client services.? Every one of the costs and customer service factors are given a integer score from +2 (very positive) to -2(very negative) 18. 12. 2011 Fusun Ulengin

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