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Explication of siren song by margaret atwood

Margaret Atwood’s “Siren Song” is actually a lyric that consists of eight three-lined stanzas that nor possess any recognizable rhyme scheme nor rhythm. The speaker on this poem is a mythical beast, a Fascinating women, who tackles us, the audience, when the lady speaks in the victims which she attracted through the alluring song your woman sings. The general tone on this poem is sarcastic and quite scary.

The title on its own immediately depicts the motif and speaker of the composition. The whole poem is one of classical occult meaning, referring to Homer’s Odyssey.

The Sirens within the Odyssey will be said to be exciting women who lay on an isle and entice men with their tantalizing music and beautiful voices, triggering them to leap out of their ships and die. The title of the composition forewarns all of us, and which has a name like “Siren”, the group should understand its textual meaning: “Danger! Warning! Avoid if you can! “, but we all, as readers, want to know even more about the Siren’s track, anyway.

With naïve arrogance, all of us approach this issue, thinking our company is strong enough to choose away in the event that things require a turn pertaining to the worse, after all, it is just a song.

In the first three stanzas, the Siren presents and quickly elaborates onto her tempting tune. “This is definitely the one tune everyone wish to learn: the song that may be irresistible”, she says. She begins to lure us into her trap even as become curious as to why the song is very compelling. The Siren explains how men jump overboard after experiencing her track, even though they see the skulls that are spread around the isle. Most might think that this can be an obvious indicator as to the final result for the “squadrons [of men]” as well. Her tune is the one which “nobody understands because those who have heard it really is dead”, that ought to also deter the audience coming from wanting to hear her music, but we are still, of course , tempted. These kinds of first 3 stanzas function as an “alluring warning”, in this way.

Through the up coming five stanzas, she continually say that if we assist her “out of [her] bird suit”, your woman “shall tell [us] the secret”. We could left, curiously, to find out what the secret is. The image of your “bird suit” is a image for the conformity the Siren puts up with, or rather, what she desires us to think she puts up with. She says she doesn’t appreciate “squatting about [an] area, looking picturesque and mythical, with two [other] maniacs”. She makes us believe all your woman wants is to be freed from becoming trapped in her “bird suit”. Your woman tries to influence us to “come closer”, and continues to make all of us feel special, saying we are “unique”, and that “only [we]” can help her. The lady insists that her song is really “a cry intended for help”, which she’ll tell us her key – most we have to do is low fat in and continue to listen to her alluring song.

“Alas it is a boring song however it works every time”, says the Siren in the final stanza. Her song, her meows for support – each of them have been a ploy to lure in her subsequent victims. Probably, her promise to reveal her secret was kept, in fact. Perhaps her secret was the fact that her song will usually work. She describes her song as “boring”, and seems almost amused with all the outcome of her capture, as though her devious ways are a habit. Regrettably, however , we chop down victims to her conniving personality and enthralling song, possibly after becoming warned from the moment we browse the title.

“Siren Song” by simply Margaret Atwood is a beautiful poem that cleverly identifies the method the Siren uses to catch her victims. The poem takes on a sinister and seductive characteristics, which leaves us being quite the opposite of “unique” – another victim of the Sirens.


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