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Dulce et decorum est and the soldier comparison


I believe the First World War is an important time and subject for poetry. It includes many of the most famous poetry in history. I will focus on the poem ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ simply by Wilfred Owen and explain this poets unique notion of battle. However , Let me also annotate a poem by Rupert Brooke known as ‘The Soldier’ and review the similarities and differences between the two pieces of beautifully constructed wording. I will primarily explain what the poems making the effort to give, within an image, towards the reader.


The 2 poems fluctuate in type. I think Wilfred Owen makes a decision to use his form being a symbol penalized against tradition therefore Owen’s form is definitely non-traditional. This time signifies that he would not think of battle as a a valuable thing to be a individual of. I really believe that Owen’s attitude to war, that he presents in the type, is rebellious and topsy-turvy. On the other hand, the poem simply by Rupert Brooke portrays the neat and simple form, withholding the ability of discussing the detail of combat.

I understand this is because Brooke would not experience conflict, whereas Owen wrote his poem following he skilled it himself. This implies which the effect of war affects the proper execution of a poem.

Owen provides his personal views on conflict through his utilization of irregular and untidy composition and amount of movement inside the poem. The very fact that Owen has different his passage lengths shows that that there is a great deal information and mental images that they will not fit correctly in the poem. In the third stanza you will discover only two lines. That offers me, the reader, a feeling of concentrate on the moment Owen is conveying. It zooms in the importance of the stanza. The whole framework of the poems shows Owen’s feelings of confusion to war.

The poem by simply Owen clashes with Brooke’s poem because Brooke contours to a short sonnet convincing the reader that war is included with honour. Since Brooke’s composition is about warfare, I think it is quite unusual to structure the written text as a sonnet (love poem. ) I actually don’t think Brooke was trying to vary the main topic of the sentences. Brooke, just like Owen, showshis personal sights of warfare throughout the text. However , the movements of his topics are not made. I think that the structure of Brooke’s composition is dull and dull, compared to Owen’s astonishing and unusual framework.

I feel that both of the poems have a title that barely links with the lines in the composition. Firstly, I think that Wilfred Owen’s subject, which translates to ‘It can be Sweet and Right, ‘ does not accept rest of the poem as the poem talks about how not necessarily sweet and right to expire for your region. I think that Owen purposely did this kind of to befuddle the reader, as he wants to show that battle confuses him. I understand this point can be presenting that Owen is using a representational title. Similarly, Rupert Brooke uses a subject that doesn’t automatically relate to the lines of the poem. Yet , Brooke’s utilization of an unrelated title is different to Owen’s use. Brooke discusses the how war offers honour and courage, although the title is usually ‘The Enthusiast, ‘ that you simply would believe would make the poem with regards to a soldier. On the other hand, Brooke could possibly be situating it to battle by explaining what a enthusiast would go through and what it would me to all of them.

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