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The next day when the conflict began dissertation

As much as We hate to begin an article with a personal pronoun, I must as the topic is all an issue of view. I believe that Homer is the most interesting character in the new, Tomorrow If the War Started. Throughout the new, many aspects of his appearance are explained. It is shown that: Homer contains a Greek historical past and a rough, serious personality; he is attractive and physically skilled; the way in which this individual views females changes over the novel; the war cultivates his advantages; and he motivates and it is very motivating towards the additional characters inside the novel when they are struggling.

Homer’s the majority of apparent features are his Greek historical past, which he’s very happy with, and his bold rebellious individuality. One of the many sources to his Greek heritage in the novel is on-page 95. This is where the group of teenagers possess a noisy argument by which nobody is usually listening to each other and they are all yelling.

Homer punches a coffee mug on the fireplace to get their focus. He then explains that it is a Ancient greek custom. Webpage 97 contains another instant where Homer refers to his Greek history; here he admits that “the Greek side of me is aware of these things.

The ‘these things’ he is referring to is the approach war adjustments normal guidelines of behaviour. Along with his edgy personality, this kind of aspect of his identity makes him a massive interesting character. “He don’t care what he performed or what anyone believed.  It seemed to Ellie that Homer was constantly getting into difficulties. Ever since these people were little kids Homer have been boisterous, at your home and at college. Proudly Traditional and uncontrollably seditious, Homer stands out as being a character in John Marsden’s engaging new. As well as his Greek looks, it is says Homer is of interest and actually skilled.

Both Fi and Ellie happen to be attracted to Homer, but in different methods. Ellie believes of Homer as a close friend, she has known him for many of her life. This is why she is therefore confused about just how she feels about the man. Ellie finds it more physical attraction than anything. In the novel Ellie explains her attraction to Homer, in addition, she says `overnight he’d become sexy and interesting’ (pg. 195). Fi, however , detects her appeal to Homer both emotional and physical. Fi says on page 93, “I love it. Greek can be sexy.  Homer and Fi make for a very interesting couple.

They are almost opposites. Fi originates from a prosperous background and is posh and petite. Incredibly unlike Homer who is rebellious and tough. The match is very diverse and it is seriously intriguing to find out their romantic relationship change through the entire novel. The various relationships Homer has with Fi and Ellie produce him a very interesting persona. Even though Homer is both equally attracted to and attractive to the contrary gender, his approach towards them changes throughout the novel. At the beginning, prior to the war, he would make sexist, offensive feedback and comedies towards females.

Ellie creates about how Homer would settle-back in class and encourage ladies to criticize him. In the novel there are plenty of occasions through which Ellie identifies Homer within have thoughts. Homer used to say that having been too tough to have emotions. On page 44 Ellie talks about how unexpected it was to see Fi have effect your woman had about Homer since Ellie by no means thought Homer would ‘fall in love’. In the end, Homer even says ‘I take pleasure in you too’ to Fi in front of Ellie and her companions. This is certainly another part of why Homer is quite a unique character.

With regards to Homer’s emotions, he under no circumstances seizes to surprise Ellie. An excellent characteristic of Homer’s character is that he motivates and is also very pushing towards the different characters in the novel when they are struggling. Possibly in ruthless situations, Homer tries to retain everyone’s spirits up and make them chuckle. Often through the entire novel Homer encourages and motivates everyone when they truly feel overwhelmed by their situation. If the group was hiding-out in the public toilets, Homer endeavors to make everyone loosen up and relax by vandalising the wall with the bathroom with ‘Wogs rule’.

Another episode to do with people toilets in which Homer attempts to make the selection of teenagers giggle is on-page 99. This is how Homer explains to the story of hiding inside the toilets for the rest of the group. He helps it be an enjoyable story to get everybody laughing. Typically throughout the story Homer encourages and motivates everyone when they feel overcome by their condition. Ellie says on page 104; Homer was becoming more amazing with every moving hour. It had been getting hard to remember that this fast thinking guy, who would just put in fifteen minutes having us having a laugh and sense good again, wasn’t also trusted at hand out the books in school.

Actually in high-risk, dangerous instances Homer is able to normalise the specific situation by cracking a joke or two. For instance on page 149 Ellie writes; ‘the BMW was flying. It absolutely was a dirt road but directly and more stable than the majority of. ‘Nice car’ I thought to Homer, glancing at him in the backside vision reflection. He gave an wicked grin. ‘Thought I might as well get a good one. ‘ This feature of Homer’s persona makes Homer an interesting, amiable character. At last, the most momentous point regarding the character, Homer, is that the warfare cultivates his strengths and makes him more mature.

Before the teenager’s lives were changed permanently, Homer was somewhat immature. Ellie refers to a time when ever Homer climbed out of the windowpane and took place the drainpipe at college, (page 108). That is just one example of the way Homer was immature before the war. Some other examples happen to be; when Homer threw brussel sprouts in his mother in refusal to eat them, removed workmen’s ladders and played Ancient greek roulette (a game constructed by Homer himself where classmates would take transforms head butting a home window, and the person who broke the window will have to pay the bill.

Ellie describes other types of how Homer matures after the war begins. When the group are at Corrie’s house and a helicopter flies more than, Homer usually takes the lead and gives out your orders. Naturally, he knows what to do as well as how to best take care of the situation. On-page 111 Ellie describes Homer’s leadership, states “That was Homer’s guru. He put together action with thought, and he designed ahead.  Homer can often be the character whom thinks of the solutions to the down sides they face. When many people are confused and upset, Homer suggests that everybody get a pencil and jot down what they think they noticed.

Lee explains Homer as a “pretty wise guy (pg. 152) Homer is a quick-thinking guy. He is able to deal with pressure and also capable of carefully prepare things away. On page 122, Ellie publishes articles “Homer can put him self into the minds of the troops, to think all their thoughts and see through their very own eyes.  To survive because resistance competitors, Homer shows the group some motivational speak and assistance. He says; ‘We should established ourselves as a real guerrilla outfit, living off the land as much as possible, mobile and fast and tough. At one particular point in the novel, five pages are used to describe Homer’s elaborate want to blow up the bridge to Cobbler’s Gulf. The connection to Cobbler’s Bay is employed by the entering enemy to handle all of the rival side’s items to other regions of the nation. Homer’s prepare is to explode the link to provide a lot of real capacity the enemy attack. The plans that Homer makes shows that he has the ability to think, observe and calculate in tactical techniques. He has many skills helpful to fighting a war. The war cultivates his advantages and skills. Homer becomes an unsaid leader of the group.

The way his maturity evolves in this unexpected method, makes Homer an even more interesting character. Homer Yannos, a personality in Ruben Marsden’s book, Tomorrow If the War Began, has many interesting features. Mentioned previously in earlier paragraphs, Homer is Traditional, rebellious and outrageous; attractive to girls; attracted to Fi; motivating and supporting to the other members of the group; and he develops by being immature to turning out to be responsible and reliable. He is a much necessary member of the group. He’s a good-natured rogue. In general, these things lead to making Homer the most interesting character in the novel.

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