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Trip survey essay

Trip Survey


This kind of assignment was designed to get the sights of sportsmen toward the way the athletic finances is put in and what kind of activities that they do. In such a case the meant audience was current sportsmen at Wa State School. Athletes contending in different athletics were surveyed. This study was executed February 17-20. My audience was the genuine audience that we surveyed. Nearly all my surveying was done outside of the varsity weightroom.


I believed that I received reliable info on the majority of the questions. My goal, as stated previously mentioned, was to find the view of athletes in what they considered their price range, and how they will spend their particular free time. I believe that the questions represented what was I used to be trying to get. The information that I received will be useful to my group in that we are able to assess the athletic budget to verify that there is excess spending that can be used by the learners.

The concerns can be assigned to three different groups, the following:

Budget and Spending

1 . I am aware of how tuition is dispersed over the University.

, Makes of the thirty people selected (83%) stated no, that they do not know just how it is dispersed.

2 . Yes or no, my personal tuition can be paid by simply an athletic scholarship.

, Twenty-two with the thirty selected (73%) explained yes, their very own tuition is paid for.

several. True or perhaps False, My spouse and i spend each of the meal funds allotted in my opinion on the outings.

, Seventeen of the 25 surveyed (57%) said true, they spend all of the meal money.

4. How do you rate the hotels that you stay in during your trips, 1 being exceptional and four becoming poor.

, Sixteen in the thirty selected (53%) circled four, saying the resorts are excellent, 4 of the 30 (13%) declared that the resorts were poor.

Facilities and Equipment

1 . On a scale of one to five with one being that highest, how would you charge the university gym?

, Twenty-three from the thirty selected (77%) offered the university gym the highest rating, no one gave the gym a ranking of four or five.

2 . How often you have wait around to work with the equipment inside the varsity gym?

, Twenty-three of the 30 people surveyed (77%) selected never while only seven said that they will sometimes were required to wait.

3. How will you rate students gym?

, Fifteen from the thirty (50%) gave students gym the highest rating, while five in the thirty (17%) gave that a poor rating.

4. Just how would you level the equipment that is used in your provided sport?

, Sixteen from the thirty (53%) said good, while only one person (3%) said that the equipment they applied was poor.


1 . Outside of necessary activities, how many times will you workout in a week? 1-2 3-4 5-6 6+

, Thirteen in the thirty (43%) said that they workout three to four times, 27% 1-2, 23% 5-6 and only 7% declared that they work out more than half a dozen times weekly.

For the subsequent questions answers were provided and the respondent was to get ranking them from one to several

2 . Rank the following in the order that you spend the most time

Student ActivitiesSportsSchoolworkWork

, Thirteen from the thirty (43%) picked athletics, 33% chosen schoolwork since were they spend the majority of their time. Twenty-six in the thirty (87%) said that College student Activities is where they spend the least of their time.

3. Rank the next excercises, with one being your most preferred.


, Thirteen in the thirty (43%) picked golf ball, and 30% picked lifting weights as their primary activity. Aerobics took (87%) of the previous place vote

4. Ranking these features, with a single being were you spend one of the most of your time.

The CubThe LibraryComputer LabThe Gyms

, 14 of the 25 (47%) hand picked the gyms, and 30% find the libraries as the place where that they spend the most of their time


There have been no major problems in administering the survey. A minor problem i faced was getting research from diverse sports. It was easy to find the football players, baseball players, and the mens and womens golf ball teams. I wanted a fair rendering of all sporting activities, so it was harder to get sports athletes that participated in the more compact

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