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Technology good or bad essay

People very often debate whether technology great or poor. Many people believe that technology can only harm their lives and culture, while many other folks strongly protect the technology which have produced their lives much more easygoing and improving than it might have been array years ago. I think, both of these opinions are appropriate to an magnitude, but We also believe what ought to be examined is not if technology in its self is good or bad, but rather the way you as humans use it.

For decades now, tv set has been charged of adding to the grave of the American family and the destruction from the minds of people who enjoy it. Nevertheless , although the TELEVISION SET has been involved in this, the condition roots avoid technology but rather the people who choose to allow it to run all their lives. In my opinion this since it is parents, not really TV units, who want to let their children sit in front of the television all night upon hours, and it is the fogeys who do not intervene and replace TELEVISION time with quality friends and family time. Technology has also been blamed for doing damage to the brains of adults who shell out as well considerably time observing it, in fact, the responsibility should lie on what programs a person wristwatches or the person who chooses to look at it continuously.

Consequently, the television is only a contributing take into account family complications and head destruction. It’s the bad common sense of the folks who watch tv or let their children watch it who also should be blamed for these causes harm to, not technology. Another matter that occurs to you when technology is reviewed is the home appliances which may have evolved in the last century. Fridges, gas and electric stoves, microwaves, cleaning appliances, dishwashers.

the list goes on and on.

All these things have made housework tremendously simpler than it could have been regarding 100 years before. This outcomes with both great and unwanted side effects. It has offered us simpler ways to get jobs done, going out of more time pertaining to other things, however the bad component to this is what is usually chosen to carry out in this extra time. In many cases, this extra time can be spent carrying out leisurely points, which might help to make us more happy, but has an effect in our health.

Lately we certainly have become aware of the risks of cardiovascular disease and the health benefits of workout.

the workout we would possess gotten a century ago just from doing our daily duties but now arent getting enough of since we dont have to work as hard to do those same chores. This could be blamed upon technology, but again, in fact it is our personal fault since we chose to use the technology and your time extra time lazing around. Right now, something that actually bothers myself about technology is what is made out of it. My spouse and i often question why persons spend a lot time and money trying to come up with a lot of useless things when we include global warming problems and hungry children employed in shoe industries.

For instance , scientists put in years to generate a clone of a sheep. Right now let me request you, is usually their virtually any practical utilization in knowing how to clone a sheep? Many people think that eventually this scientific improvement will business lead into the cloning of individuals, but again, what is the point? I believe strongly that nothing good can come as a result. Instead, I do think scientists must be using technology to come up with items that can greatly help the most the planets population and make the globe a better place. It seems technology has brought both useful and pointless things into our lives which has contributed to making them better as well as causing negative impacts upon these people.

As we live in this information age with new products and discoveries coming to us everyday, we must be sure you use each of our best common sense to decide what technologies are excellent and which may be harmful. We must also remember that what ever technology really does to our lives, technology by itself is to not blame, but instead how we tried it.

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