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Ray Kroc


In order for Burger king to reach the goal of par brilliance, it must

utilize full that means and definition of marketing. Promoting is offering the target

marketplace what they want, when and where they want that, at an amount they are prepared

to pay for this.


For McDonalds to achieve its similar excellence, they must focus on the

fact that there is an changing market and that the wants and needs of

consumers are constantly changing. Since Burger king has been around for forty-

1 years, it really is safe to talk about that they are the daddy of the fast food industry

and that they have established an example for others to follow.

Once Ray Kroc bought the first McDonalds in 1955, he focused on what

people wanted. With this concentrate came the use of Mr. Krocs theory of QSC

( quality, service, and cleanliness ).

QSC efficiently got McDonalds off the ground, but as times transformed

the company observed many more market segments and opportunities. In the early 1970s and

1980s once again McDonalds lead the way in the fast food industry. The changes

we all saw included, for example , the simple fact that women were now a major part of the

employees and dual income people were to become more common happening.

McDonalds became a mastermind of marketing toward specific markets by

landmark ideas such as breakfast selections, healthier selections and alternatives

and adult foods. B has really evolved in a world power by spending

attention to the needs and wants from the changing market and adapting to these



Ray Kroc saw in the beginning what would have to be done. This individual changed the fact that was at one

time a product or service orientation, in a marketing positioning. Back in 1955, this was

even now a new kind of management. From the beginning, Kroc had been in the

forefront of marketing.

Promoting orientation concentrates on the customer and what they want in a

product, instead of product orientation which is targeted on the product by itself.

McDonalds features taken every aspect of marketing orientation and used the

beliefs to the fullest. Burger king has targeted in on the customer requires and

wants, sometimes even placing the suggestions into the customers mind just before they

even knew what they wanted or expected. McDonalds could deliver! They have done

extensive marketplace analysis and product development based upon this evaluation. They

possess packaged their food and priced that exactly to the market portion which they

possess targeted.

Demonstrating McDonalds innovative developments in marketing even further, is definitely its early

adaptation of societal promoting. Societal marketing takes into account the

overall issues of the target audience, the environment, for example. McDonalds

eliminated their one time innovative styrofoam packaging and replaced this with

even more environmentally sound paper presentation. They anxiety the fact that they will be

environmentally mindful, by reminding us never to litter, and so forth, on their different

forms of the labels. Another example if social marketing is a Ronald

McDonald House. This is probably McDonalds greatest community service project.

That demonstrates how that Burger king is willing to give some thing back to the

very communities that support the company. These kinds of examples plus the various

occasions that McDonalds promotes, including the Olympic Games, sets their identity

worldwide. This will make it difficult for us ever to forget with the existence of


Burger king also uses a theory known as relationship advertising.

Relationship marketing is defined as promoting to protect the customer base. The

customer is viewed as an asset plus the companys marketing goal is usually to attract

keep, and enhance customer relationships.

There are five main standards that must be achieved for a successful

relationship online strategy and they are as follows:

1) Presently there needs to be a continuing and regular desire for the merchandise or

service by the client.

2) The service client controls the selection of the assistance supplier.

3) There are alternate suppliers with the service.

4) Customer dedication is weakened and transitioning is common and straightforward.

5) Word of mouth marketing is an especially potent kind of communication about

the product.

All these criteria happen to be met by fast food sector, and McDonalds has

generally had a extremely successful relationship marketing strategy, especially

through the setup of the QSC program.

McDonalds has definitely exceeded the definition of accomplishment. How many

other businesses can say they may have served great and billions? McDonalds features

done a wonderful job currently taking an intangible product and virtually lessening

any perception of risk associated with services products. If someone orders

a cheese burger, McNuggets, or a fish fillet, they know that all their

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