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SCENE 21 BELLA is definitely walking down the hall. She gets been moaping. JORDAN places her BELISSIMA Do you have virtually any chips? MICHAEL JORDAN No .

… Bella, you okay? BELISSIMA Fine. May look at me personally. JORDAN Simply no you’re not. Precisely wrong? BELISSIMA I need some chips. A great economy size two-bag package of snacks. JORDAN Tracey … Offers she been bugging you, hurting the … BELISSIMA Not her. Katie. JORDAN Katie … BELLA Sometimes she can be incredibly imply. Everyone can end up being increadibly indicate. JORDAN Show me about it. Tracey just started the fender on my father’s car. The girl scratched that. I’m certainly not kidding.

BELISSIMA If I got no one to go with and you experienced no one to get … MICHAEL JORDAN Where? BELLA To grad. JORDAN Grad’s two years aside. BELLA If perhaps neither of us had anyone to go with … could we all … could we get together? JORDAN Sure. Although that’s method in the future, Bella. You’ll probably always be married by then, a good Italian girl as you … BELLA You imply it? You’ll really g o with me at night? I get so anxious I’ll miss it. I actually get and so worried We can’t sleeping at night. You really mean it? JORDAN Bella I’d like to choose you. Whether or not you’re going out with someone I will hold one to it. Items force you to go with myself.

It’s a date and Now i am it. Alright? BELLA Offer. BACKGROUND There are main five characters in the script of Little Sister: Tracey, Katie, Bella, The author and The nike jordan. The author with this script can be Joan Macleod. It happened in a Vancouver college. Katie just moves to right here from Toronto. She has not adapted right here yet. Tracey and Belissima are close friends and analyze in this institution. Other two boys The author and Jordan are good good friends too. Through the script, The writer likes the new girl Katie because the girl with classic and totally different in the girls here, (He thinks) however , Tracey seems like The writer , A triangle take pleasure in.

And Jordan is wonderful to everybody. The one of the scene through this script, Picture 21, it occurs the school hall. Belissima is jogging down the area. She has been crying mainly because Katie hurt Bella’s weight problem. And Jordan who may be a kind man spots Bella. The relationship between Jordan and Bella is simply not close to one another. But they are all are nice and pure. In this scene, Jordan knows so why Bella yowls, and pledges her to visit the grad together, although, grad remains to be two years away. The end with the scene is definitely Jordan makes Bella happy and laugh.

THE STAGE SETS LIST Two chairs One bag with towels One Tennis racquet CHARACTER RESEARCH – BELLA Bella is incredibly nice towards the new pupil Katie. The girl with a kind and girl. On Page 56 and 57, Bella said hi there to Katie and attempted to introduce her-self “I’m Belissima. You’re new, eh? ” Moreover, Belissima discussed individuals models’ weight loads on the vogue magazine with Katie on-page 73, Field 7, though Bella have weight trouble too. “Girl’s washroom, Belissima and Katie are poring over a vogue magazine….. ” Bella acquired good class on her history project which can be B.

It also mentioned on-page 75, Landscape 7, “Bella: What did you jump on your history project? Tracey: C minus. Bella: I obtained a B. Katie? … …” Bella thought the lady was fat and Tracey didn’t acknowledge. On page sixty six, Scene 5, when Tracey said that Katie agree with her about Paula Abdul’s body fat, Bella yelled “Fat! Goodness! What do the two of you think as you look at me? ” Nevertheless , Tracy didn’t mind and answered “We think if you’re big-boned. ” Bella’s 1st goal was going to the Halloween dances as Madonna, and she attained. “My target is the Halloween dance. Twenty-six pounds.

Gowns my initially goal…” “Tracey! I’m going to the Halloween move as Madonna…” Page 57, Scene one particular Then, on page 79, Field 9, “Jordan, Bella and Tracey are in the washroom, passing in regards to bottle of beer. Bella is outfitted like Madonna. ” Bella’s aunt lives in Toronto. It might be proved simply by Page 59, Scene a couple of, “Tracy: Where’re you coming from? Katie: Barcelone. , , , , Bella: My aunt lives there. Ross Scarpacci. She has my mum’s littlest sister, ” What is more, Bella asked Tracy to visit see Katie together the moment Katie is at hospital. On page 87, Picture 11, “we should go observe her.

I’ve never possibly been in clinic overnight, apart from when I was born…” Belissima got the card for everyone to sign and tried to make Katie sense better in the hospital. On-page 92, Landscape 13, “Tracey: We became here… you look good. Anyone looks okay. Katie: Fat. Belissima: Katie, you look beautiful… Belissima: Everybody does not show for you…” On page 107, Picture 20, most girls will be talking about their plan for early spring break. Belissima is going to Disneyland. “We’re going to Disneyland. Can you believe it? I’ve wished to go since I was two but not right now. You wish some poker chips? “

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