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My trip to el salvador essay

One of my favorite things to do in every area of your life is travel. Its a terrific way to find out about various other cultures, meet new people, and broaden your course. One of the civilizations that I surely could experience in a recent trip was the Salvadorian culture, my husband’s homeland. I didnt know quite what to expect. Used to do expect Salvadorian life to get somewhat diverse. However , I had been surprised at just how diverse it was. Planing a trip to another country has provided me a new perspective on the different lifestyle in contact to my own.

It was August, 2010 once we took our family trip to my husbands homeland. It was my first time visiting El Rescatador and I was very nervous and discourage. I had read a lot of different rumours about Este Salvador and didnt really know what to believe. My husband did not find out much either since he had grown up in the states. This was his first time going back since years as a child. The only thing he could remember about El Salvador was, that it was incredibly hot as well as the temperatures come to about 75 degrees or more.

The flight was quite relaxing, we all didnt have got too much turbulent flow and we could actually get to Este Salvador in about 3 hours. Since the plane was making its procedure I remember looking through the window and seeing an incredible look at. It was a sunny time with shiny blue heavens, and the landscapes looked like it absolutely was out of a tourist guidebook. I could actually see a lot of clouds gathering at the top of a mountain in the distance. That actually turned out to be a volcano called “El Volcan para San Vicente.

When the airplane finally found a stop the captain announced over the intercom, ” Bienvenidos a San Salvador.?nternet site got out from the airplane and stepped into the jetway the first thing I believed was a wave of warm air and the smell of refreshing soil, that reminded me of a strawberry farm building I once visited in Florida. Even as we walked through the airport to get the luggage, We began to recognize how much diverse this place was by what I was use to. I was then welcomed by my husband’s uncle Jonathan, and were shortly on the road upon our way to my husband’s uncle’s house.

The drive to the house had taken about forty five minutes, it was located right outside the city of Zacatecoluca. On our trip to the property we got to determine most of the social differences. The vital thing I noticed was how different drivers had no consider for the velocity limits or road signs posted, and cops never stopped all of them or bothered to care. Nowhere in the usa would that ever be tolerated. There were also a lot of people that visited by foot, and I noticed that these people were all dressed differently.

A lot of the women used long vibrant skirts and the men mainly wore jeans rather than trousers, which I found strange since it was therefore hot. As we were driving a car I could see that most of the highways were made of dirt and what seemed to be pavers. Even as we continued drive an automobile, we also obtained to drive simply by an outdoor marketplace, where I saw things like organic meat, fruits, vegetables, and live share for sale. This reminded me of the swap complies with where people have their own tiny stands and are also selling all kinds of things.

I also remember asking me personally how they could actually preserve the raw various meats without refrigeration, since it was out in the open heat. Sincerely, I would personally not get any meats here. Things like this would not really be considered sanitary conditions home. When we arrived to my personal husband’s uncle’s house, there was a lot of his family members and their neighbors waiting to greet us. It found my interest how polite they all were, offering us native doggie snacks and drinks. They were most so nice and I seemed I was very loved and welcomed by people I’ve never achieved before.

When I satisfied in, I had been able to take a peek around the house, I was surprised to determine that the structure was in contrast to any I had fashioned ever noticed before. Your kitchen and the bathroom were virtually in the yard, instead of getting on the inside. I had not needed to go outside to use the bathroom before, other than when ever I’ve absent camping. I found this to be very odd and somewhat scary while i had to utilize bathroom or perhaps I had to obtain a cup of water, during nighttime. It took me a while to get value to it, that made me miss having the luxuries from home.

One of the things that I did not miss about getting in the states, was your fact that they’d a cleaning service to help them with making foodstuff and the cleaning of the house. Your woman was a classic lady who had been such a kind and qualified person, and she built the best “Pescado Envuelto sobre Huevo. It was a seafood which was dipped in egg mixture and then fried, it was delicious. During my trip, I was capable of witness and experience the Salvadorian culture which has been surprisingly very different from the traditions I was use to in the us.

The way they dressed up was different from what I put on and have noticed, the manner through which they shopped for food stores at the industry seemed detrimental, and their method of driving for the roads was different from in the States. I do believe it would be very interesting to see somebody from Un Salvador arrive at experience our culture and how we do things in different ways in the United States. Going through another lifestyle was a wonderful experience for me personally, where I managed to get to seen someone elses way of life.

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