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My persona essay

Everyone has their own unique traits which will make them who they actually are. There are also various psychologists that contain theories of why we have the personality traits that make all of us who were. Its only human that you will be different from people you meet because no-one is completely the same. Everyone is different in several different ways and nothing wrong with this. The five personality traits I chose basically explain me to put it briefly and I make sure no one could have the same characteristics with the same reasons.

1 personality characteristic that I include is that I actually am quiet. I have never gotten in to an rupture at university or any kind of time other place for that matter. My spouse and i dont acquire mad conveniently, which I believe is a good point because basically was a sizzling head i quickly would be getting yourself into a lot of trouble. The things i have discovered is that hot heads also have problems with others that are hot heads and so Im delighted that I are not a popular head. One more personality feature that I possess is that We am buzzin. I talk all the time especially with all my buddies.

Im usually the first one who says something once there is an awkward moment in fact which I think is a good factor. But when I meet people for the first time I don’t talk all the which is apprehension but when the awkward instant of appointment someone new is over then I discuss more. A 3rd personality attribute that I include is care. Im constantly observing my personal surroundings and searching for anything that can be harmful or harmful. For example , when I lived in Cal I went to a lake with my local freinds during early spring break and there was a rope golf swing that was tied on a tree department.

All my close friends wanted to embark on that move so bad but I informed them not to because the department had fractures in it and when you swing into it the department made a loud sound so that move was not safe at all. A fourth character trait that I have can be thoughtfulness. Im always normally the one who opens the door for everyone and I do a lot of other small things like that. Also, anytime my mom needs help by her job I always get without saying no because I know my moms job can get difficult if the lady doesnt have someone to help her. In such a way its also being kind, which I believe I was.

My previous personality characteristic that I include is that I am hopeful. Im simply not a negative person even when I actually am upset or upset. There is always the particular one person within your group of good friends that is negative and I hate it after they try and take the whole group down. I usually tell that you person to shut up and keep an open mind. Keeping an open mind about anything just makes you an overall happier person. The psychologist that I believe the most is usually Sigmund Freud. Im sure tons of individuals have agreed with him as they is well known.

Likewise the way his theory is laid out is straightforward to understand and it basically makes sense. This individual theorized that personality is around three set ups which are the identification, the ego, and the super-ego. In my opinion Sigmund Freud can be described as genius. These types of personality traits arent the only kinds that I have but they are the primary ones. People have so many different qualities that it is nearly impossible to name them. If everybody had similar personality traits in that case life could be the same for everyone and your life would be so boring!

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