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Compare and contrast about the village lifestyle

Sometimes, I do believe about where my own future house ought to be; in a city or in a small town. I like to live in the two areas because they may have many different interesting aspects. Consequently , I won’t be able to make up my mind. After I evaluate the air, the technology plus the schools with the two areas, I finally make a decision to live in a city.

The first thing I deemed was the air. Both people from countryside villages and city dwellers inhale and exhale the same air flow.

But that is certainly where the commonalities end. The environment in the community is purer and more tranquil then the atmosphere in the city because the community has a lot of plants as well as vehicles. Although the city that has a lot of business centers or factories will help to improve the typical of living, it also triggers air pollution. Some other reasons which cause air pollution are which the city generally has a large amount of vehicles and people in the metropolis cut a lot of crops to make method for commercial, commercial and dwellings.

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Then, I pay a lot of attention to the technology. The technology in the village is just like the technology of the town. People who stay in the two areas might have and use many different types of technology such as androids, Iphones, personal computers, laptops, and so forth However , folks who live in the location can have more opportunities to use of new technology than people who live in the village. For instance, the new goods are often bought from large retailers of the metropolis first so people inside the city may well have and use the new releases earlier than persons in the small town.

The schools in the two areas have the many influence in the decision. The two schools inside the city and the schools inside the village include similar standards of education and have a large number of good teachers. However , the location has many colleges which have excellent academic reputation, but it is less common inside the village. In addition , the schools in the city possess big your local library and a lot of pieces of equipment such as many computers, projectors, chemical clinical equipment, etc . In contrast, the colleges in the town usually have tiny libraries and might not have enough equipment.

In summary, after currently taking everything into account, I think My spouse and i made the ideal decision. My own decision is the fact my foreseeable future house will probably be in a town because I have to have a fantastic and convenient location for my own studies; in addition , I like to discover or acquire new products of technology the moment they are unveiled. Therefore , I think that I is going to be happier if I live in a town.

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