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Record generator intended for bayanan barangay

Computer technology continues to be widely used in various fields, at present; computer is the central system that may be being used by large and wide scale manufacturing up to small scale industrial sectors. The defining feature of recent computers which usually distinguishes all of them from all the other machines is that they can be programmed. In recent times, the earth has witnessed a rapid embrace technological innovations. This era ushered in the creation of the digital computer system between other contemporary technologies. Presently the computer technology has permeated nearly all facets of human organizational roles and education.

Laptop encompasses virtually all facets of individual endeavors. A whole lot has been drafted on it and its particular relatedness to any or all areas of human disciplines, including computer/information technology, engineering, agriculture etc . Yet , in the field of circumstance records their role is much less well described, for in this article the organization of information as a primary to computer system input may be the real stumbling-block.

Barangay Bayanan is one of the barangay in the Associated with Muntinlupa.

It is bounded between Barangay Alabang and Barangay Putatan. With occupants for about thirty-five, 865 the hall is strategically located along Bayanan Gulf walk, Muntinlupa City. Orders are currently performed manually wherein, information about the people are becoming process by just simply composing the citizen’s name, age, location and also other personal information. Producing report just like Barangay Distance, various certificates etc . is completed manually by ink and paper, which can be very slow and consuming much efforts and time. Furthermore, the duplication of created report to each citizen can often be result to info management problem such as sluggish processing, inaccuracy of report and many others. These types of problems are common of a manual or traditional system. This research aims to consider a computerized report generator is needed to steer clear of redundancy also to quicken the generation of reports from the replacement of the current manual program.

The general goal of the analyze is to design and style and create a report generator that would serve as proposal to assist Bayanan Barangay Hall to their operation and offers an easier, more quickly, more prepared, secured, and accurate program. The certain objective in the study is to identify the issues encountered by simply Bayanan Barangay Hall and in addition create a report generator that will improve the scope such as individuals, staff and administration.

Generally speaking scope, major of this analyze is directed towards the design and development of a survey generator intended for Bayanan Barangay Hall using its administration, staff, and individuals are selected. The record generator includes a secure log-in for government and staff.

For its limit, the study is limited only to citizen-data entry person transactions. The inventory statement, payroll from the staff as well as the payment intended for the assistance rendered is usually not provided by the report generator since it will only target in generating reports after the registration of the citizen’s data is being made by the authorized personnel. This part explains the relationship between the dependent parameters, independent parameters and intervening variables of existing system and proposed report generator.


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