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Apple globalization dissertation

Apple directs its products in over eighty countries through its direct channels, the cellular network carriers circulation channels and third party shops. Apple achievement is due generally to the cooperation of the iphone with its updateable applications. In markets like the United States and Japan. Apple business strategy focuses on bringing the best personal computing and music experience to learners, educators, innovative professionals, businesses, government agencies and consumers through its impressive hardware, computer software, peripherals, solutions and Net offering (Apple Computer, 2005).

According into a report in Electronista, market data coming from Gfk The japanese shows the 32 GB i phone is in the Number

1 location for July, ahead of Japanese-made phones from Well-defined, Panasonic (PC), NEC, Casio and Sony Ericsson (a Japanese/Swedish joint venture). ( Dewiit, Philip Elmer cnn money article) In one of the the majority of technologically advanced countries such as The japanese it is no wonder why apple seems to be gaining so much accomplishment in a international market. Japan market is in awe from the simplicity and satisfaction that apple product provide.

In doing a PEST analysis I have arrive to a understanding that the Western market would like high performance low priced technically outstanding and interpersonal acceptable goods at an affordable price.

Object rendering apple an ideal company to fulfill these wishes. Apple redirects its products in Japan through its own retailers and businesses such as Wal-Mart and other full giants. Accoding to the Apple annual survey Japan’s net sales elevated $551 , 000, 000 or 32% in 2009 compared to 2008. The key contributors for this growth were increased iPhone revenue, more powerful demand for particular Mac lightweight systems and iPods, and strength inside the Japanese Yen (Apple total annual report 2009 pg. 13).

Similarly Apple’s target market in the United States wants the same kind of high performance inexpensive gadgets. Apple manufactures most of its products in China and has them shipped to the United States being sold at their very own apple stores as well as stores such as Wal-Mart. Apple is a huge success in America and phrase is getting about. The world can be taking recognize to the specialized giant and surely obtaining into the apple revolution. Oranges success in the us contributes to its success around the world. With itsiphone unique to AT&T even these kinds of a 3rd rate company was able to make a comeback and also to lead the cellular industry when it bought exclusive ceremony to the iphone.

This simply shows you the type of power Apple holds. Based on the Apple gross annual report “During 2009, net sales inside the Americas segment increased $2. 4 billion dollars or 15% compared to 08. The increase in net sales during 2009 was attributable to the significant year-over-year increase in i phone revenue, bigger sales of third-party digital content and applications in the iTunes Retail outlet, and increased sales of Macintosh portable devices. (Apple annual report 2009 pg. 13)

Apple offers over 240 stores located around the globe. America dominates checklist with its 218 stores although France is set to start beginning stores at a rate that is second only to the US. Apple is actually a juggernaut in the computer sector with a existence that keeps in growing inside every country. Everyone in the world has heard about or understands someone that both owns or perhaps associates with Apple Inc. Thus making it right into a giant that just few can easily contend with. The continuing success of Apple Inc creates a global leader in the innovation of tomorrow.


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