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British Petroleum (BP) is known as a major participant in the energy industry. Throughout the world, it is available of energy, energy sources, petrochemicals, full services, gas, industrial and motor lubes, solar power and also other services (BP, 2007). BP formerly referred to as Anglo-Persian Olive oil Company or perhaps APOC is currently providing worldwide services in six regions such as: The african continent, North and South America, Down under, Europe and Asia.

Their head office in London oversees their business interests in many elements of the globe.

The majority of their petrol resources are coming from the different onshore spots in the Caspian Sea, Mediterranean and beyond and in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as offshore procedures in Angola, Azerbaijan, Trinidad, Algeria, Alaska and the famous BTC (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) pipeline running through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Ceyhan Sea Terminal in Turkey (BP, 2007). A little while ago, BP varied their organization operations by energy companies, supplier of lubricants and other petroleum products to selling other product lines like comfort items, bread products and caffeine to their customers.

Their revenues from the selling business displayed only two percent of their six billion dollars total revenues, but they always expand all their operation because their income in convenient shops is higher than their oil earnings (BP, 2007). BP products and services have the next brands: BP, AM/PM, Curvatura, Aral, Castrol and the Untamed Bean Cafe. BP stands for “Beyond Petroleum. They set for top quality standards to create energy intended for the buyers and to build innovation to aid the public to gain access to quality living.

The AM/PM convenience stores are located in different spots to provide quality services and also to provide treats or foodstuff and beverages to satisfy the hunger of their customers. Arco is one of the price tag gasoline brands of BP. Combined with AM/PM, that they serve about 24 mil customers monthly. Aral is the petrol brand of BP when Castrol is actually a brand of automotive lubricant. Collectively they provide better electric motor performance to machines and vehicles. BP does not only provide energy, gasoline, petroleum and lubricants. They also offer pastries, sandwiches and drinks or coffee through their Untamed Bean Coffeehouse (BP, 2007).

The Problem BP just like any other businesses is facing different types of hazards in its day to day operation. Recently the company skilled catastrophic accidents in its organization operations and thinking of divesting their desire for several sections. Consequently, the CEO and its particular executives happen to be under danger of losing their careers because of stresses from its stockholders. Objectives in the Study Main Objective: The key objective in the study should be to analyze the different risk management failures associated with the business operation of BP.

Specific Objectives: The actual objectives are to: 1 . Recognize the areas of risk management to consider like the operational, financial, market and credit risks of the firm, 2 . Establish a framework for the recognition, measurement and control of dangers, and a few. Recommend methods to mitigate the probable happening of determined risks and increase the shareholders value of the company. 2 . CASE ANALYSIS BP organisation employs the systems of centralised direction and decentralised implementation. The centralised direction system was created to attain organization goals and objectives.

The business unifies the organization by implementing strategic targets, values, behaviours and requirements to be performed and easily recognized by their people. On the other hand the systematic goal of BP is decentralised implementation of its procedures in order to provide the best quality of goods or companies and fulfill the needs from the consumers. The decentralised rendering covered three business segments namely: Pursuit and Development, The Gas, Power and Renewable and Refining and Market (BP, 2007).

Over ten years at this point, the United kingdom Petroleum was threatened by business wrong doings and techniques on several fronts. In 1992, Greenpeace International known as the company as one of Scotland’s major polluters (Wikipedia, 2007). In March june 2006, BP’s The state of texas City Refinery in Tx City ” one of the major refinery in the us and in the world ” knowledgeable a damaging explosion, which injured almost 75 people and led to the tragic fatality of in least 12-15 people which includes those who are operating at the refinery. The company’s misfortunes even made worse last year.

In March 2006, a leak in one of BP’s sewerlines located on the Upper Slope of Alaska caused a major essential oil spill, which in turn polluted the tundra in the region. The incident led to the replacement of the federally regulated Petrol Transit Lines (OTL’s) in Alaska. One more unpleasant incident on Aug 2006 triggered the shutdown of it is oil businesses in Prudhoe Bay. As luck would have it, the arrêt decision was made due to corrosion in their pipelines which were naturally due to carelessness of the organization and crystal clear violations of safety restrictions.

This event ultimately led to reduction of development to four hundred, 000 barrels per day that produces the increase in oil prices. Recently, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation stated that the Prudhoe Bay petrol field discharged toxic drip of methanol combined with commodity future trading and water spilled into the tundra which can threaten the ecosystem in that location (Wikipedia, 2007). In order to project sociable responsibility and improve it is image English Petroleum transformed its name in to BP in year 2000 with a logo of green and discolored sunflower patterns.

Ironically a similar company symbol is now beneath mockery plus the object of controversial attacks from environmentalists and harming court cases. The company’s problem further made worse when it was listed among the “ten most detrimental corporations during the year 2001 and 2006. In fact , BP as well as competitors Regal Dutch-Shell had been considered by simply activists being responsible while using threatening trend of environment change (commondreams. org, 2003).

According to Steven Minsky (2006), BP was warned before the essential oil pipeline leak happened in Alaska, but no action was made by the higher officials to mitigate its possible event and reduce injuries. Since the season 2002, BP’s management is usually experiencing installation pressures from its stockholders because discussed simply by Robert Likas? (2006) in the web article. Lord Browne ” BP’s Chairman , had a good missing creation targets since November 2002. Browne also angered the senior executives of the firm when he solicited the actual situation of the organization from the low level managers of their company.

Amid the controversies, the problem down the line was reevaluated and the blame went back to the Chairman. Therefore, it created miscommunication because of the extra cautious stance with the executives to report failures and give inaccurate data. Enterprise Risk Management indicates to the strategies and techniques used to organise risks when being able to get opportunities. ERM offers a background to get risk management concerning circumstances strongly related the business goals and objectives.

It decides and assess different approaches, monitors improvement and identifies risks and opportunities for the business opportunity. ERM as well integrates ideal plans pertaining to operations supervision and external and internal control of the company (Wikipedia, 2007). ERM can be used by BP because it uses business risk assessment which will recognizes, evaluates and controls risks with regards to the impact for the firm and how the business organisation manage those risks (Minsky, 2007). 3. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION IN RISK MANAGEMENT

Risk management known in this paper are the activities related to managing an organization that integrates acknowledgement of risk, risk examination, developing ways to manage that, and minimization of risk using managerial resources. The primary target is to decrease the different dangers related to risks caused by environment, technology, human beings, organizations and politics. Companies usually produce strategies in order to manage or perhaps mitigate risk by copying the risk to a different party, keeping away from the risk, minimizing the unfavorable effect of the danger, and taking some or perhaps all of the outcomes of a particular risk (Roehrig, 2006).

BP must apply risk management in the corporate financing as the technique for computing, monitoring and controlling the economical or functional risk within the firm. The commonly used framework is the Basel II structure, which fractures risks into market risk (price risk), credit risk and operational risk and also specifies techniques for calculating capital requirements for each of these elements (http://www. occ.

gov/ftp/release/2007-123. htm). 3. one particular Enterprise Risikomanagement In venture risk management, a risk is identified as a possible celebration or situation that can possess negative impacts on the endurance of BP. Its influence can be on the very lifestyle, the resources (human and capital), the products and services, or maybe the customers in the enterprise, along with external effects on culture, markets, and also the environment.

In a financial institution, business risk management is commonly thought of as the combination of credit rating risk, interest risk or perhaps asset liability management, industry risk, and operational risk (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Risk). In the more standard case, every probable risk can have a preformulated plan to cope with its possible outcomes , to ensure contingency if the risk turns into a liability (Crockford, 1986 because cited in Wikipedia).

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