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Piper Kerman is a Smith College graduate who may be serving 13 months in prison, coming from 2004 to 2005, for the drug trafficking and money laundering criminal offense she committed nearly a decade before. For the majority of of her entire stay Piper is positioned in a minimum-security prison in Danbury, Connecticut. I am from Avon, Connecticut so because her story was so near home this immediately minted me because interesting. Her experience can be eye opening, and as the book advances you can see a small transformation via a “normal person to a hardened convict.

Pipers publication, Orange is a New Dark, gives regarding the realities of ladies minimum-security prisons in the United States and how the legal justice system works today. Which, even as we find out, can be a long and frustrating process.

While it seems a bit silly that Piper is being locked away for the crime committed ten years ago, I do think it is justified. What she performed was illegal and when you break the laws you visit jail.

That being said, I am able to understand why you are likely to think that this was not justified for 2 reasons, the first being the fact that she fully commited her medicine trafficking and money laundering crime ten years ago. This can be true, but that doesn’t mean it was incorrect, you still should be punished for your actions. Another this would be viewed as unfair happens because she was young and ridiculous when your woman did it. This kind of I do not think is an excuse in any way because that does not exclude her from knowing what she was doing and knowing it had been wrong. I wish to add though, while I consent that the punishment for her criminal offenses were validated, as in the prison phrase, I do not think it was fair that the whole procedure took so very long in general. For making an accurate evaluation, though, I think that you have to glance at the goals of punishment to see if every goal was met as well.

When taking into consideration the goals of punishment the first that comes to mind is definitely retribution. This is certainly punishment based upon a recognized need for vengeance, or that folks should receive the actual deserve. If you work hard you arerewarded and if you break the rules you get punished, therefore Piper has to repayment for what the girl did. In such a case it is hard to determine if Piper received a reasonable punishment. When she got charged with money washing she was helping a business operate. Even if she didn’t know the complete consequences of her activities, she recognized that is was wrong. The drug firm was not simply using it to support its obtaining drugs, but it really could also have been completely doing a great many other horrible issues.

Although states she had no idea what was happening together with the money or how it absolutely was being used, we have to remember that this is her area of the story and that the assess ruling on her behalf case features so many liars that would say the same thing. Because the punishment was from too long ago it seems like it snuck up on her and was unfair, although I feel that if she had been punished just after her criminal offense was committed everyone would not feel while bad about this. I feel that the retribution she received was justified on her behalf actions, even if they were ten years ago.

The 2nd goal of punishment is definitely incapacitation. The goal of this is to split up offenders off their community as to reduce their ability to dedicate certain criminal activity. In this case, I actually do not feel that this goal was accomplished. Although Piper had committed a crime, the girl was not going to commit any more; she acquired given that life up and was trying to move on. The real reason for incapacitation as if you think somebody will dedicate a crime once again that could negatively affect the community.

As I said, not simply was Piper moving on coming from her different life, your woman was producing great procedure for become a adult adult, by starting a relationship to thinking hard about her future. I wish to point out the between retribution and incapacitation and for what reason I agree with one and never the additional. I think that Piper needs to have been punished for what the girl did, that is certainly retribution. Alternatively, I do not really think that Piper was a threat to her community, and that there is not a probability she would try it again. So in the sense while I do agree it turned out necessary like a punishment, I really do not think that it was important to stop her from committing another offense again.

Prevention is the third goal of punishment and is compatible with incapacitation. Deterrence is a threat of punishment to convince peoplethat the criminal offenses or activity they are assigning is not worth it. You will discover two types of deterrence in my opinion and one of them was effective while the different was not. In Pipers circumstance, while the girl did think about the fact that when she was smuggling the bucks over she might get found, it would not deter her from saying no . Piper still made the decision that she’d drug traffic and money launder therefore obviously the thought of going to penitentiary did not impact her decision. So , in such a case, I would admit no, under this meaning prevention was not achieved. On the other hand, another form of prevention is the concept that you can decrease the amount of repeat offenders coming back again and again.

Beneath this classification I believe that in Pipers case this kind of deterrence was effective. Although when your woman committed the crime the 1st time she had not been thinking about the treatment at all really. Now, your woman can’t get the thought of jail out of her head for a day, let alone if she was going to take action illegal. Her experience was so life changing it will affect the way the girl thinks and acts in the time the girl gets away, and I would consider which a success as far as deterrence. Your fourth and final goal of punishment can be rehabilitation, and also the idea that you may change the way an culprit thinks and behaves to a more positive type. There are many different types of rehabilitation yet most focus on the decrease of lawbreaker offences through support and help from the community. The expect being that the offender changes their frame of mind toward what they have done and make them see that the behavior was wrong. This is where I feel there was a major problem with Pipers knowledge.

The entire time I used to be reading the book I used to be waiting for her to explain how sad the girl was that the lady had determined the crime or that she realized it was wrong. Instead of her saying these things, the only thing I heard was the fact that the girl thought it was silly for her to be here for so very long, or that most of the people in the camp didn’t deserve to be set for what they did. Although she was locked up she was thinking and writing, however it was not about how exactly she noticed that what the girl had done was incorrect, but instead it was how badly she missed everybody she loved. She would not mention the very fact that the girl realized her wrong doing and that if she had not had of done those activities, so long before, that the lady never would have been in this case, instead your woman complained that her sentence in your essay was unjust and that your woman was a nice lady who didn’t ought to have this. This is the problem I possess with the legal justice program now a days. Itseems as if a lot of the ladies inside the prison with Piper had been doing the same thing, waiting to get out of prison.

These people are generally not thinking about what they did to you to get into these types of situations, aiming to better themselves and getting prepared for the. Instead that seemed like they were just concerned with making their time in prison because nice as possible and in a sense trying to forget why they can be there in the first place. They centered on making their particular time in prison more comfortable and finding out techniques for finding what they needed while damaging the rules. I believe that there are different reasons for this and they are only a few the prisoners fault. One of the main problems was that while Danbury had several working courses, there were just not enough sessions that were efficient, or teachers, to be effective. Launch back into the city is an important step that needs to be required for the right steps to succeed. However, in my opinion, the prisoner is for doing something wrong and being penalized. If they had certainly not committed the crime they can not be used away from their chances to reach your goals in the world. Whilst it may seem difficult, it is just one other form of benefits being taken away, if they had certainly not committed the crime it might never have took place.

So , in the end, Pipers stay was validated in my opinion and she got it arriving at her in the long run, you cannot anticipate to do something against the law and break free with this. I believe that throughout the publication, while specific aspects of abuse were handled upon, not all were fulfilled. While the lady gave retribution (ten years later), and then time will certainly defiantly end up being deterred, I am just not to sure how powerful the treatment part was or if the incapacitation was necessary. I do think that it is essential to point out even though that Pipers case is definitely not how it is within a lot of cases due to the fact that she has a caring husband and strong family members ties. In the end though, Piper had a life changing experience that could affect her for the rest of her life, from her experiences in penitentiary to her work on the plank of Could Prison Connection.


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