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In this evaluation, I will be looking at Famous Brands Limited. I am looking at the overall history, tasks, main brands that type part of it is brand profile as well as how their brand portfolio even compares to another organization and the effects of current affairs upon Famous Brands. Summary of CompanyHistoryThe Halamandres family arrived at South Africa coming from Greece in the year 1950s with merely 50$ together and the can to knuckle down and accomplish something. George, who was among the brothers, determined that Johannesburg needed a fresh addition, specifically an American-style Steakhouse. This will later be known nationally as Steers. The first Steers opened in the sixties. Famous Brands Limited is a holding firm that is listed on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) under the category of Consumer solutions: Travel and Leisure, and is now Africa’s largest brand food services franchisor.

TASKS Performed that help meet buyer needs. ManufacturingFamous Brands has 15 manufacturing sites around South Africa. This can be a vertically built-in business that manufactures a whole lot of licensed products for both the franchises that fall under their very own brand profile as well as price tag customers. Renowned Brands is a largest top quality food service franchisor in Africa which is partially because their very own operations duration the entire source chain coming from raw materials to developed and/or finished products. They manufacture anything via bakery what to fruit juice. Logistics[image: Graphic result to get Famous Brands logistics paths map]Renowned Brands’ logistics division is usually customized towards the preference from the franchise where they deliver. This function gives the firm a key benefit, both strategically and in terms of competition, which will help boost the way they take care of their franchises. The teams ‘Centres of Excellence’ allow them get closer to their business partners by aligning their particular franchising and logistics businesses. These companies help Renowned Brands deliver the best assistance and goods to their dispenses. Their total warehousing space consists of more than 20 000m‚ under roof structure and the average 1600 collection items are held in their warehouses at any once. Their fast consists of a total of 117 trucks that are all chilled as well.

The brand is well know best not only for its well-known Wimpy Espresso, all-day breakfasts and niche burgers but in addition for including a broad range of grills, salads, shakes and desserts with their menu. Wimpy has become a prevalent house-hold identity in S. africa. This is largely due to their frequent growth in popularity. Additionally to substantial streets and malls, Wimpy is also showed on the forecourts of Engen petrol areas along the country’s major roads, where it is currently standard concern to pick up a thing from Wimpy whilst filling up with feul. Debonairs. Debonairs Pizza was born in 1996. It was the idea of two young men from Pietermaritzburg and on all their opening evening, they marketed eight pizza. Unlike today where the organization sells 2 . 9 , 000, 000 pizzas monthly! Debonairs Pizzas has now end up being the leading pizzas brand in Southern The african continent. Over the years they have not only extended across South Africa but into 14 additional African countries. Debonairs owes most of its success to the fact that it focuses on innovation ” from the creative lasagna offerings and use of the newest interactive technology to its free home delivery assistance ” and has received numerous honours from customers and industry authorities alike. Brand Portfolio comparisonFamous Brands Limited versus Gold Brands InvestmentsGold brands investments includes a much smaller company portfolio than Famous Brands. Famous Brands has 23 brands within its manufacturer portfolio although Gold Brands investments features only being unfaithful brands as part of its company portfolio. The brands that form a part of Famous Brands are all quite well-known compared to those that form part of Gold Brands Investments’ brand portfolio. These factors all make a competitive advantage for Famous Brands. The fact they may have more than twice the amount brands in their company portfolio when compared with Gold Brands gives them a huge edge as individuals are more likely to end up at a chain that is element of famous brands. Also because Famous Brands’ brands in its portfolio are so well known and they are all over the place, they may have an advantage of Gold Brands.

Impact of current affairs

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Content 1The issue being mentioned in this article is the bare minimum wage maximize.

The minimum wage for S. africa will increase to R20. 00 per hour. This might seem like a fantastic increase even so there are many discussions going on regarding if this is enough to be regarded as liveable and exactly how it will influence businesses positively and adversely. It could be good for some employees however it may negatively affect others, in particular those who operate smaller businesses and rural areas. Workers in rural areas and those at the moment working in smaller businesses could be specifically affected and are more likely to go through job losses as a result of this national minimum wage boost as businesses (especially smaller sized enterprises) might not be able to find the money for to employ the amount of staff they can now due to the fact that they will have to pay more per worker. They are going to therefore ought to retrench some of their staff members to be able to afford to pay their personnel the new lowest wage. Economic analysts are now saying that this adjustment is not going to profit South Africa but instead it will deteriorate its economic climate due to the volume of work losses. For instance , in better paying industries (such since manufacturing), salary negotiated simply by collective bargaining councils have got reduced career by about 10%. However the influences in worse-paying, smaller businesses are not thus clear. The main reason for this is the fact that these sectors are usually covered by authorities imposed lowest wage legislation. Agriculture will be a major focus in South Africa as it is one of each of our main sources of income. The increase inside the minimum income will affect smaller farmers as they will need to retrench staff in order to shell out those who can keep their jobs the required bare minimum wage. This will likely affect development rates since less people will be doing work at one time thus less will probably be done in a simlar amount of time. This may not a major problem pertaining to Famous Brands though as they are a huge company with many employees and this income increase will not heavily have an effect on them. If perhaps anything this will benefit these people. The reason My answer is this is this description now people will be able to buy products from brands that form part of Renowned Brands’ company portfolio.

PESTLE component relating to the content: This article relates to the Monetary PESTLE Component because it has to do with economic issues that we deal with as a region and how our economy, in its current state, is usually causing enormous problems for businesses. Article 2This article addresses the effects of To the south Africans plus the extremely large obesity charge in this nation. In fact South Africa is the second most obese country in the world and the most obese nation in The african continent. The article addresses about all of the different ways that persons become obese. One of them becoming genetics and another staying Technological and lifestyle changes. It also touches within the different factors and causes of overweight. The article discusses how the amount of children that are obese can be immense. Unhealthy weight is a huge problem in South Africa at the moment. So much so, that businesses are considering it a major risk and are determining different ways to overcome it. Famous Brands is especially struggling when it comes to the high overweight rate in South Africa since several of the brands that form art of its company portfolio promote unhealthy food and have little or no healthy alternatives on their food selection. This is where the popular Brands supervision team has to step in and demand that brands put into practice healthier choices to their choices to help manage this problem. Brands such as Directs and Wimpy might have one healthier choice on their menu which is not suitable. This item is probably likewise the most basic healthy item like a greens. People today will be looking for healthier options to eat instead of fast food, especially millennials whom are going veggie and vegetarian. The Operation should also advertise healthier choices as one of their particular main features and not within a minuscule impression. This will help catch the attention of more clients to their dispenses.

PESTLE factor concerning the article: The PESTLE Component that relates to this article the best is the Sociable factor mainly because it deals with demographics and peoples’ personal beliefs and ways. RecommendationsArticle 1The business could make sure that it puts a certain amount of money apart to appeal to issues with pay just to ensure that if there is a dispute, they are covered. Businesses, in my opinion, should have a back-up consideration in which this stores cash so that the moment challenges like this pop up, they don’t have to retrench staff to become able to cover themselves. Keeping away from retrenching personnel will also prevent legal turmoil as many staff will feel that they have been unfairly retrenched and will probably take up with the CCMA. Article 2Famous Brands really needs to motivate brands to introduce healthier options with their menus. This will help to resolve the condition of limiting their customers because there are no healthy alternatives on their choices. A lot of people today will be trying to find healthier options instead of Junk food in order to stay healthy and healthier.


In conclusion, Renowned Brands Limited is a very very well organised corporation that makes adequate profit. There are however some areas that could be superior which I include mentioned above. Many people don’t also know about Well-known Brands, but instead the brands that are component to its profile. The biggest trouble that they will face in the near future is a obesity aspect of South Africa. They will need to implement ways of minimise the result that this problem will have within the businesses that form a part of their collection and even themselves as a company. All-in-all nevertheless, I feel just like they are operating themselves impeccably and that they happen to be in the right mind set.

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