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Adolescent pregnancy term paper dissertation


This kind of Term Newspaper aims to discuss the effects of increasing early pregnancy cases and how it affects our country. Teenage pregnant state refers to being pregnant in a feminine under the associated with 20. It truly is one of the major factors that affect the population expansion in our region, Philippines. It can be considered to be difficulties problems in the government is facing today. According to the government statistics documents, teenage motherhood cases surge more than 70% over a decade. These mind boggling cases caught the attention of some lawmakers.

The only remedy that the authorities made was the so-called Imitation Health Invoice (RH Bill). This expenses aims to free of charge access of usage of preventive medicines, fertility control, sexual education, and mother’s care. The federal government conceived this as the perfect solution to the said problem. Other folks may see it as useful, but some likewise disagree about this. Teenage being pregnant is constantly growing and affects the economic development. Basically, adolescent pregnancy happens due to the pursuing reasons: Basic rebelliousness, peer pressure and lack of self-esteem.

Causes of Young Pregnancy:


-There is usually rebelliousness of parents and of rules of adults. During the adolescent stage, there is also a burst of sudden and unknown feelings. Teens think a natural feeling of rebelling against the set norms and rules. In conjunction with a sudden feeling of fresh-found liberation and sexuality, ends in giving vent to their thoughts through lovemaking experiences.

Peer Pressure

-Peer pressure is another early stage of pregnancy. This pressure causes lovemaking intimacy to get the opposite love-making. If a child hangs out with a group whoare sexually active, in that case there are options that being unfaithful out of 10 that teenager is usually sexually lively. Most of the teenagers often to include sexual intercourse because they need to fit in with their ring of close friends. They’re only way being accepted by simply that so-called circle of friends is usually to have intercourse with the contrary sex and have sexual relationships.

Lack of Self-Esteem

-It is just about the causes of young pregnancy. Kids who are certainly not shown love and passion from parents will seek out it out with their circle of friends (peer group). A large number of teenagers survey feeling forced by their colleagues to have intercourse before they may be ready.


“The of sixteen and Pregnant is an American reality series that first showed June 10, 2009 about MTV. It follows the stories of pregnant adolescent girls in Senior high school dealing with the hardships of teenage pregnant state. Each instance features a several teenage young lady, with the episode typically beginning when she actually is 4 and a half to 8 weeks into her pregnancy. The episode typically ends when the baby can be described as few months old. The series is produced in a documentary format, with an computer animation on laptop computer paper exhibiting highlights during each show preceding the commercial breaks. ” (Reference from wikipedia)

MTV is definitely criticized for producing an popularity of young pregnancy. By creating a show about pregnant teens, the show’s makers may be mailing the concept to teens that it is not a big deal if they become pregnant. It is confirmed that teenagers are often affected by TELEVISION SET. Actually, relating to a examine conducted by National Advertising campaign “most teenagers (79% of ladies and 67% of boys) say that if a TV show or character they will like handles teen pregnancy, it causes them to be think more about their individual risk of having a baby or leading to a pregnant state and how to steer clear of it (“Teen Pregnancy). Father and mother feel that the popularity of “16 and Pregnant will allow teenagers to think that teen motherhood is satisfactory.

The National Campaign claims that “research has found that the sexual content material in mass media can effect teens’ attitudes about sex and contraception and may also influence their very own sexual behavior (“The Countrywide Campaign). For the reason that of this statistic that MTV is teaming upwith the National Campaign to Prevent Teenager and Unplanned Pregnancy to produce viewing tutorials on 16 and Pregnant. The 18 and Pregnant viewing manuals will ideally allow father and mother and educators to start discussion posts with teenagers encouraging these to make the correct decisions once dealing with their very own sexual health.

Why young pregnancy can be described as cause for concern?

The issue of young pregnancies can be described as cause for concern, and it is required that we attract the attention in the authorities to it’s varied effects. In respect to statistics compiled in February 2005 by the National Campaign in order to avoid Teen Pregnant state, 34% of teenage girls conceive at least once before they change 20 (which is about 820, 000 per year). While teen motherhood rates are declining in the us, this data illustrates the very fact that the United states of america has the greatest pregnancy price in the industrialized world. Teenage pregnancy has negative impacts on teenage parents, youngsters, and society in general.

Bad Affects upon Teen Father and mother

Teen mothers are statistically less likely to keep their education through high school and college. In fact , no more than 1/3 of teen mothers ever gain a high university diploma, and only 1 . five per cent of teenage mothers be given a college degree when they are 3 decades of age. As well as the decline of education potential customers, teen moms also have increased health risks. Actually more than a one fourth of pregnant teens survey physical abuse in their interactions. Other health problems include disorders such as: anemia, hypertension, overweight, and sexually transmitted conditions (STD’s).

Anemia- Anemia is actually a disease in which the number of red blood falls listed below normal as well as the body gets less o2 as a result. Therefore , the body features less strength than it takes to function correctly. When the quantity of red blood cells reduces, the cardiovascular has to work harder, which means it has to pump more blood vessels in order to deliver oxygen throughout the body. Consequently, one can develop a rapid pulse or another severe condition that enlarges the heart muscle mass, which can trigger heart inability.

Hypertension- When someone provides hypertension (also known as excessive blood pressure), the pressure of the bloodstream against kinds artery walls are too strong. Over time, this excessive pressure can damage the arteries along with your heart and kidneys. Hypertension is rather dangerous, for you will discover no warning signs or symptoms unless the problem is severe. Hypertension can lead to cerebral vascular accidents, and other lethal afflictions.

Obesity- While we all need some fat tissue in our bodies, having too much body fat is known as obesity. Obesity is actually a serious medical disease that affects about 14% of children in the United States, which is the second leading cause of avoidable death.

STD’s- Sexually Sent Diseases (STD’s) are disorders that are caught and spread by having sexual with someone who has one of the disorders. Sexual activity consist of contact with your mouth, anus, vaginal area and male organ (all that are capable of giving as well as obtaining STD’s). Place be serious illnesses and require quick attention. Some STD’s, just like AIDS, happen to be deadly and also have no get rid of, therefore it is important to learn strategies to protect your self from STD’s such as: genital herpes pictures, hepatitis B, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV/AIDS.

Negative Affects on Children

Kids born via teen moms have a higher chance of suffering from health problems. In fact , children born to teenage mothers have got a twenty percent higher possibility of being delivered with low birth fat, which is probably the most common difficulties found in children of teens. Low beginning weight can lead to blindness, deafness, respiratory problems, and mental disease, cerebral palsy, and even fatality. Not only do children born to teen moms have a better chance of experiencing health problems, but they also commonly receive much less medical care and treatment than other children, given birth to to old mothers. About another notice, teen parents are young, unskilled, and for the most part, lack a completed education.

It turned out known to lead to inadequate child-rearing, for one is too young to appropriately give the kind of environment that children need to develop and older properly. Eventually this will impact the children’s efficiency in school, forchildren of young mothers report lower than typical on standard tests, and are also about twice as likely to repeat a quality at some point within their education. Children born to teen moms are also twice as likely to be victims of misuse and disregard.

Negative Impacts on World

Because teen pregnancy prices are so rich in the US. 34% of all females get pregnant at least once before the regarding 20. This may cost each of our society immeasureable dollars annually, as almost all teen mothers are solitary parents, absence a complete education, and end up on wellbeing. About $40 billion happen to be spent by federal government only to help these types of families.


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