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A letter to dcf

Children, Domestic Physical violence

The purpose of this kind of letter is always to inform you in regards to a young four-year old girl named Annie Mae McClary who desperately needs treatment with the help of DCF. Annie Mae currently hails from Daytona Seaside with her father Curtis McClary and her youthful two-year-old sis Susie. Her mother Increased recently died due to labor and birth complications. Because her mother is no longer in the picture your children are remaining at home unsupervised because their father includes a very long work schedule. The safety of such girls features great matter.

Annie Mae is definitely tasked with doing house work including cleaning her and her sister’s clothing, washing the laundry and much more. Annie Mae can be performing these chores by simply herself with no adult guidance which produces the capacity for putting the kids in a dangerous situation. In addition , no child should be tasked with mature responsibilities regardless of the fact that the daddy is at job while these kinds of activities are taking place. The living conditions are disastrous which usually no man should be encountered with, yet alone children. Girls are living without the water or even electricity. You will find rats, pests, even dogs in the house as a result of a small gap which allows a myriad of varmints and unwanted pets to enter their house.

Normally these living conditions promote attacks and infections that will require medical support if in contact. Unfortunately, in this field there are no doctors about to help dark-colored people. Since her mother didn’t have the proper support she acquired died from an infection or perhaps viruses. For this it is not a good environment for the children which can be living in it now. A clean environment with no contagious virus ought to be the right decision for your children. There have been a lot of women inside their father’s life but the human relationships didn’t last long. His first marriage was Rose nevertheless she had passed away after the birth of her two children. Then later his second marriage was with Lilla, that marriage only survived a few weeks.

The next matrimony was with Missy who’s known to have a bad habit with alcohol. Annie and her sister would constantly hide the moment Missy was drunk because she was mean. Annie and her sister realized when she would be consumed because Missy would always call Annie mean titles when the girl was consumed. In summary unhealthy living conditions, loosing her mother and all different marriages her father got did not give a suitable house life. Her environment should be between people who appreciate care about her. You should have electrical power and plumming, all the standard needs. She should be provided with a good education since her dad can’t provide that. The great thing for her is the fact she must be removed from the latest living conditions. In addition , her dad is not fit to be a parent. With all that said she must be moved to a healthier environment.

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