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Drugs at a friend s house the ethical article

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Drugs by a Pal’s House

The ethical problem of this scenario revolves around problem of what an officer’s duties are when he or perhaps she is technically ‘off-duty. ‘ There is very little question that whenever someone’s life is at stake, such as during a great armed thievery, that an expert has a moral obligation to intervene. However , the conditions of this scenario are far even more ambiguous. You cannot find any immediate, apparent risk to life but people are involved in illegal medicine use.

In this situation, it is unlikely which the officer’s good friend knows there exists drug make use of going on by his house – he would probably not invite a police officer into his house and let his good friends to use drugs. However , making an criminal arrest would be greatly disruptive and embarrassing to the friend’s get together. According to police protocol, “remember, you could have NO LEGAL OR DEPARTMENT obligation to get involved, particularly if such intervention places you in a position of peril or such involvement requires that you behave carelessly, carelessly or stuck in a job suicidal manner” (Ryan 2007). Apprehending you would likely not really put a great officer in ‘peril, ‘ but presented the non-life-threatening nature from the offense, determining one’s personal as an officer, presented the users a stern ‘talking to, ‘ and reprimanding them with no arresting these people would likely end up being the best ‘middle ground’ way to take. This may alert the persons that their tendencies was incorrect, without placing the officer in a situation of monitoring security at the party, a capacity he was not asked to load by his friend.

Situation 2 – Accepting a present

In this instance, the gift was clearly not intended as a bribe or in any way to influence the officer’s actions towards the market. However , almost all police departments across the country explicitly prohibit representatives accepting presents in any way, condition, or kind. The disagreement against accepting a gift is the fact even something small just like a free doughnut and espresso sets an undesirable example. “The issue moves deeper than whether the gratuity influences an officer’s judgmentIn the fight against crime, police departments depend on general public cooperation, which depends on simply how much respect the public has to get police officersWhen people see an officer getting anything free, they will question whether that expert will be unprejudiced, or they may resent the fact that police officer gets special treatment” (Berry 1991).

However , the discussion in favor of accepting the gift idea is the fact this seems to be a one-time personal expression of appreciation, rather than public

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