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Dark dog of fate essay

The Publication “Black Puppy of Fate” by Philip Balakian is actually a memoir by the Armenian genocide survivors’ rejeton that lived in the United States of America and it was crafted in the suburbs of Tenafly, New Jersey, where the author grew up. The author tries to relate his personal history and happenings in his family to the basic story in the Armenians. It is the story of the young man’s realization of his background and the huge massacres that took place to the Armenians in Turkey.

It is the good the getting rid of of about one particular and fifty percent million Armenians by the Ottoman Turkish govt in 1915 (Balakian, 1997). These number of killings is among the twentieth century’s first genocide.

The identity ‘Black puppy of fate’ is about the parable that was told about to the author by his grandmother ‘Nafina Aroosian’. In the parable, there was two offerings that were designed to the goddess of destiny. The initially offering is known as a luscious lamb that acquired its body filled with walnuts and pomegranates and its sight sparkled with rubies, while the other supplying is a lifeless black doggie that had its mouth filled with wormy apple.

In a angle of fate, the lamb is rejected and the lifeless black puppy is recognized by the empress. As Nafina puts it to Peter that he really should not be deceived simply by appearances and the world can be not what people think it is (Balakian, 1997).

Philip balakian was one of the users of the Balakian-Aroosian family and the oldest in his generation. His family got secretly protected the history with their past pertaining to so long. They guarded this secret because they had horrific memories of their past in their heads as they knew in the event that they delved into their pasts the gory details of their very own traumatic experience in the hands of their persecutors would bother them. The memory with the brutal tough of a lot of their family members was not a topic that was suitable for dialogue as they looked to get rid of the tragic event from their memories.

This narrates the ordeal of the Armenians in the hands in the Turks. The Armenians had been subjected to different forms of inhumane conditions. Their very own ladies had been raped and their men were butchered. The Armenians had been gruesomely murdered in their countless numbers day after day and the carcasses were left for the vultures to feast upon. The Turks robbed all of them off all their belongings and also impoverished all of them.

The book exposes the societal evils perpetrated by the Turks around the Armenians. The Turkish authorities tries to cover up these horrific crimes because they denied the presence of the genocide.

Balakian lets us into his family line as we are introduced to the matriarchs, a bishop, merchants, physicians, his aunts and two famous statistics in the world of literature. The names of his well known aunts are Anna and Nona Balakian, who known themselves in neuro-scientific literature. His two different aunts happen to be Gladys and Lucille, who were business ladies on Wall Street. But out of all these types of characters, the most important of them can be his grandma, one of the survivors of the genocide, whose encounter was awful as your woman lost her husband towards the genocide.

The book shows us survival instincts in the middle of obstacles and it narrates a family’s sojourn via a horrific past in a better your life and a brand new world. That represents the experience of an immigrant child in the usa of America while even now retaining a person’s cultural heritage. It lets us know how the author’s relatives steered clear of the genocide and finished up in the United States of America.

One of the remarkable quotations in the book that makes the novel a notable 1 as recognized by the New York Times The review is simply cited “In all of this germ madness there seemed to be some more deeply, more pervasive anxiety becoming expressed. A few pathological fear that I inquired about in my grandma when your woman hovered over me, incessantly brushing her hand over my personal hair and asking me personally, How are you, what can I do to benefit you, are you OKAY? Eench, eench, eench. [What, what, what] For my own grandparents’ and parents’ generation, perhaps the world was a place conspiring to kill you. Following the Genocide, the worry of fatality was different from the fear of mortality. With this atmosphere of deep anxiousness, our family was far from the optimistic feelings of suburbia. As my grandmother said to me?nternet site lay on my bed recovering from the measles, ‘Sleep with one eye open; understand the evil vision. ‘” (Balakian, 1997). One more powerful research is in the last mentioned page from the book in fact it is quoted as “Free presentation does not guarantee the deniers the right to be remedied as lack of of a legitimate debate the moment there is no various other side. ” (Balakian, 1997).

As the persecutions was against the Armenian Christians by the Turkish Muslims, the holocausts in the World Battle II age draws motivation from it as it foreshadowed the mind-sets of the German born army. The earth War I killings from the millions of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks served as a justification to the holocausts of the World Conflict II period. The holocaust was a amount of mass murder from the Jews throughout the Second World War. Through the holocausts, Hitler made a lot of references for the serial killings of the Armenians as he justified their extermination. On the later part of the book, Peter Balakian observes the mind-set of the German born army towards the Armenians which usually foreshadows the pains they would later inflict on the Western european Jews in the Second World War (Balakian, 1997). Because the Germans considered the Armenians as risks to the Turks so as well were the Jews viewed as threats to the establishment with the superiority with the Germans.

Inside the concluding internet pages of the book, Balakian requests for the acceptance by the Turkish govt of the Armenian genocide, a well known fact they had recently denied the existence. He also requests for a great apology by Turkish govt and a consequential forgiveness from the Armenians.


Balakian, S. (1997). Dark-colored Dog of Fate. New york city: Harper Collins Publishers.


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