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Teri maa ki aankh composition

Bhatt Another type of History – ANALYSIS STANZA 1 Of india culture/religion – life in India is usually –or needs to be – free but there exists constant pressure ________________in different ways of lifestyle (example of this are __________)

Line 1-3: _______________: the ancient Greek god of character (part person, part goat); allying Traditional culture with India’s maybe suggesting that western culture has created more developed religions; India = still basic ________________ Line 4-5: highlights the difference between other cultures and India; here Gods are_______________________________, all around Series 7-18 influential writing which usually creates Paradox – Hindus made to maintain books and revere them but not intended for knowledge, but because they are made from gods (trees) = satirical/mocking tone? __________: “It is actually a sin” sama dengan powerful associations, a crime for offending the gods? ___________: “you must”, __________: ‘without”, ___________: “Sarasvati” (= the Hindu goddess of art) ( emphasises that there are a large number of pedantic Indio rules that needs to be obeyed that are criticised by author in a ______________tone?

Irrespective of being Of india the author has been very _____________ of Of india culture/religion/belief STANZA 2: concept of foreign intruders, language and generation Line 19-20: _____________ – more philosophical, makes us consider _______________in standard, different from the prior mocking tone, which terminology is ‘original’?

Line 21-22: rhetorical problem – double meaning sama dengan English not to kill people but to _____________ India’s culture/traditions; question attempts to understand the aims of the ‘oppressor’ Line 23-27: _________________________/thread of diction/semantic field: ‘torture’, ‘soul has been cropped’, ‘scythe swooping out’ all relate to ________________ (British lifestyle on Indian ground ) = developing/changing/forcing India’s lifestyle to change or assimilate and English terminology is seen as getting representative of most hat ( Growing symbolism of violent invasion ( visualization of the language as a literal tongue but symbolising a powerful ______________ Line 28-29: Bhatt can be one of these ‘unborn grandchildren”, no question mark it is therefore more of a _______________ (fact or perhaps certainty) ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” STRUCTURE ¦ 2 stanzas are representative of Bhatt’s ______________________ (British and Indian) She actually is critical of both Of india _______________________ and British ____________/colonialism ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ PHILOSOPHICAL POINTS (subjects of the poem) forgetting past, human nature, era, dual identification – We know from her Bio that Bhatt worries that her natural personality, as demonstrated by her Indian tongue, may decay and pass away ( In the event she fears this how come she showing to be important of India?

The contradictory idea is the fact while Hinduism and getting Indian would be the ‘deepest layer’ of her identity, she actually is not the fnod of these.

She is essential of it.

She also deefnds coonlial British invaders. Both these beliefs happen to be counter iiinuttve; you would anticipate her to protect her ‘deepest layer of identity’ Indian, and standing English, but she will the opposite. Can make her personality complex which is the strength of the composition. Readers happen to be initurged with this unusual tactic. ( How exactly does it happen that she gets ignored her cultural root base for many of her our childhood?

Choose the suitable words through the box beneath to fill in the gaps! ———————– cultivating religious ideology statement allusion (x2) dual identity catalogs physical manifestations assimilate to conform vocabulary Imperative extended metaphorical dialect repetition(x2) religious conformity crucial rhetorical issue religious conformity weapon colonialism sarcastic


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