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Predicted regarding the year 2012 research pitch

Ts Eliot, Indigenous People, Ancient Cultures, Tsunami

Excerpt from Study Proposal:

There is actually conjecture that ancient civilizations may have got, spotted a great orbit which will culminate in a collision with Earth in 2012. This is quickly the most predictable disaster in january 2012. With new discussion of “dark comets, ” we have become aware of the possibility of the earth being struck with little or no warning. ” (2012 Possibilities)

Another probability that has been described by a lot of scientists may be the possibility of a Cronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the Sunlight. A CME is an emanation of energy from the sun which can trigger ferocious thunder or wind storms. A solar power storm in the 50s has been associated with this form of one’s burst. An unsettling simple truth is that, ” In 2009 NASA told all of us to be cautious with solar thunder storms. ” (2012 Possibilities)

These kinds of speculative studies and many other have formulated an enormous volume of discussion and debate for the Internet. A specialist in the field is a author Meat Geryl. He can of the view that “a sun-driven rod shift in 2012 will create a tsunami over and above imagination and the best way to survive is an indestructible boat. ” (2012 Blog) This individual has drafted a book eligible How To Survive 2012. This individual also views the data plus the Mayan predictions about 2012 to be appropriate. Interestingly, the film 2012 has been mainly based on some of his articles.

4. Philosophical views

At the start of the 20th Century the popular poet T. S. Eliot wrote a poem titled The Wasteland. In this poem he is exploring a theme that was to control art and philosophy in this century as well as in the present century. This is the view that the universe and modern day civilization is now decadent and largely without meaning. The rise in poverty, disease and war in our age can be an indication which the present stage of human being civilization is definitely morally and philosophically a period of time of decrease.

This theme is reiterated in the work of many modern artists and philosophers. The German philosopher Martin Heidegger was deeply concerned about the loss of mankind’s connection with Being as well as the latter half of the Twentieth Century saw the emergence of Existentialism, which questioned this is of individual existence in our age and located it being empty. Designers like the playwright Samuel Beckett produced takes on which indicate there emptiness of modern lifestyle and civilization.

All of these works of art and philosophy tend to accept the idea of Kali Yuga or maybe the end of any phase in human history. In addition they seem to suggest that humankind offers lost way and is speedily spiraling down into an associated with destruction – which once again fits in very well with the Mayan and other estimations about the finish of a circuit.


Whenever we summarize these discussion numerous points become clear. The simple fact that there is a correspondence involving the myths and predictions by very different nationalities about an apocalypse in 2012 tends to claim that these views may maintain a real element of truth. Coupled with this is the fact that many scientific findings, such as shifting from the magnetic poles, also go with the general ambit of these estimations. Thirdly, the thinkers and artists of the present grow older instinctively and intuitively seem to be aware that the cultures and civilizations on the planet are in a state of significant decline. All of these factors often suggest that videos like 2012 may be more popular fictional. They may actually be a interpretation of the very near future.

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