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Planning a marketing and sales strategy marketing

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Excerpt from Advertising Plan:

Advertising and Sales Method for Travel Agent Franchise

Before embarking on virtually any business opportunity it is necessary to consider the viability in the business, including the way the fact that new venture may be advertised and the items sold. If a new business is actually a franchise, it may be contended some facets of the have already been developed and proof of concept exists. If a franchise continues to be chosen, by way of example Cruise Planners; An American Exhibit Representative, the actual franchise can still have to consider the way the business will be advertised and sales made. This franchise opportunity have been chosen mainly because it requires a low initial expense.

Advertising Strategy

The 1st consideration may be the advertising strategy, looking to determine what types of multimedia may be used, and the best way of optimizing this available.


The budget to promote is typically among 3% and 5% of the firms’ sales (Visa, 2007). In the case of a travel organization, where the income is made by commissions that are received in the travel products distributed, the advertising budget should be based on commission that may come into the firm, which will be the firms’ revenues, as opposed to the total worth of the travelling services offered. It may be believed that inside the first yr this business will earn a simple $70, 500 in the initial year, centered of the typical of 14% commission of sales worth $500, 500 in the first year. If the advertising budget can be 5%, this provides an annual advertising budget of $3, 500. This modest budget can be used effectively is the right strategies are being used.

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Media Used by Industry Competition

Media employed by travel agents plus the cruise market varies greatly. Huge cruise companies will make use of the mainstream advertising, including television set, radio, and national mags, as well as the internet. Cruise businesses use extremely visible media to attract a mass industry, which helps their own revenue as well as their very own brand for the revenue to be made by agents.

Travel companies have web sites, and depending on their size they may also use television, a radio station, national or perhaps local press, expert magazines, as well as the internet, which includes advertising through key word searches and banner advertisements.

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Press which Extends to Target Market

The target market is all who have an interest in taking a luxury cruise holiday. The prospective market is wide-ranging; in 2011 exclusively, it is estimated 11. 2 million North Americans took a cruise holiday break, in an industry worth $37. 85 billion, and demand is elevating (Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, 2012). With this large target market, it is likely that the regular mass media gets to the target industry. Many travelers will also get the internet, which includes travel message boards where banners may be viewed, or work with search engines. You can also get specialist sail ands travel and leisure magazines, and national newspaper publishers may have got travel nutritional supplements at the weekend. Local newspaper publishers may also reach the target market.

As online community media has become well established, and with a transmission rate of 43%, it truly is highly very likely than the typical segment with the target market, who also are also very likely to be using the web than the normal U. S i9000. citizen, will probably be using this moderate (Internet World Statistics, 2014).

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Where Data Gathering Takes Place

Information gathering is undertaken through a smaller sized range of media. The luxury cruise magazines will be one source, but the main sources of info gathering will be the internet, which include travel review sites and forums, just like CruiseCritic. com, and other fun sites, including Facebook, and also information obtained directly from travel companies who offer the cruise ships.

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Affordable Mass media

The advertising is not viable with such a small budget. Yet , when looking at details gathering by the potential customers there may be an indication of more cost effective means. The use of the net, with the progress a

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