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Excerpt coming from Term Newspaper:

Shirley VanArsdale, an applicant to the open fire department of Landsdowne Township. This unusually strong, durable woman hasn’t succeeded in getting a position in the department, and feels that her disqualification has been unjust. The reasons your woman cites just for this is the fact that she was hampered by provided apparel in some with the tests, whilst she performed well in almost all of the physical jobs. Chief Robert Reich nevertheless feels that Ms. VanArsdale received the same chance of passing the test. A spot in the complainant’s favor can be however that, in its 20-year history, the Landsdowne fire department has not had a female firefighter. This, combined with the reality Chief Reich refused to reveal the actual check scores, suggests that a closer exploration may result in possible approaches to the problem.

The first step towards a solution then could be an in-depth research into the situation. Test results could be as opposed, and a study into the tools provided for physical tests needs to be investigated. Based upon the conclusions of these tests, further actions could be taken up resolve the situation.

It may be identified that the attitude of the fire department in Landsdowne is comparable to the widespread views of numerous men in professions usually reserved for the male gender. In such a case, it may be aware of take steps toward education. The of women in the firefighting career for example serves as a testimony with their ability and the presence in fire departments. In fact , the first record of a female in the profession goes back as far as 1818. According to Floren (2002), Molly Williams distinguished herself during the blizzard of this season. Since 1818, women have played a prominent part in the firefighting profession. Certainly, up to this time women distinguish themselves in this career, which includes attaining the position of Main.

Further investigations could be launched into incidents such as 9/11, during which feminine firefighters acted as heroically as their male counterparts. But few of these women have been recognized for his or her achievement, in respect to Miller. In the education process then, some of these women could be acknowledged for their type in educating persons like the recruits and chief of Landsdowne Township. This would not merely bring to the forefront successes of feminine firefighters during 9/11, it would also serve the purpose of bringing home to fire departments the abilities and prominence of women in the profession.

Education processes could include conventions, publications including brochures plus the media. Precisely what is important can be not to antagonize the Chief or the recruits on the fire office. The educational process should not be seen as antagonistic, since this is more likely than not to cultivate further capacity Ms. VanArsdale’s situation.

One more strategy for working with the problem may focus on Ms. VanArsdale himself. This could take the form of therapies as well as education. She may for example converse with other girl firefighters in order to

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