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Sophocles’ Antigone has been widely viewed as a perform about a young woman’s admirable courage of conviction. This rather straightforward interpretation is largely the result of a plot that revolves around Antigone’s determination to honor her dead close friend by giving him a proper burial, in spite of the King’s edict that his corpse must be left to rot. Thus, Antigone’s tragic fate is viewed as the result of her laudable disobedient of an unjust ruling rather than the result of a flaw in her very own character. Yet , on better analysis, there may be ground to argue that Sophocles’ purpose has not been to create a use praiseworthy benefits but to focus on the fact that actions motivated by a not enough temperance and hubris without doubt lead to tragic consequences.

The interpretation that Antigone is known as a morality perform that focuses on the values of religion, honor and bravery is flawlessly understandable in the event viewed through the deontological point of view. Such a perspective could naturally examine Antigone’s actions on the basis of the deed exclusively and not the consequence. Consequently, Antigone’s crystal clear desire to ensure that her buddy, Polyneices, obtains a proper burial in keeping with Ancient greek language religious perception would be known as upholding the perfect of religion. Intended for, as she says, “A sinless sinner, restricted awhile on the planet, / Nevertheless by the useless commended… The eternal laws and regulations of nirvana. ” (73-76). In addition , Antigone’s actions can be applauded as being a sign of her courage and exclusive chance. Indeed, this is indicated all the in Antigone’s challenging Ismene: “So stands it around; now ’tis thine to exhibit / If thou artwork worthy of thy blood or perhaps base. inch (37-38) As a result, there will seem to be a lot of validity inside the view that Antigone is a play on morals.

However , the view that Antigone’s character is usually innocent and above reproach can be challenged on the grounds that it can be as vital that you consider the consequences of one’s activities as it is to consider the rightness of the particular deed. On this rating, it is apparent that Sophocles intended to represent Antigone as a person who is usually blind to all other concerns except for what she looks at to be right in the name of family members honor, bravery, and God’s law. Certainly, this is mentioned as much by Ismene’s chaplet to Antigone that the girl should consider the requirement to protect the only two staying members of Oedipus’s relatives: “Bethink thee, sister, we are left alone; / Shall we certainly not perish… as well as If in defiance with the law all of us cross / a monarch’s will? – weak ladies, think of that

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