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Holden caulfield and the immaturity in stated in

Holden Caulfield

The Catcher in the Rye

Holden Caulfield should not be permitted to reach an emancipated position due to his imbalanced thoughts, reckless approach in life, and bouts of depression. Mister. Caulfield has no steady way of living and is not mature enough to make his own decisions as a grown-up should. He is concerned with insignificant items and does not care about his future. He’s also unconcerned about his finances and is very impulsive, he is not concerned with about the effects of his actions.

Mr. Caulfield is still a kid, no matter how adult he would like to seem. His actions and thoughts present him being reckless and take needless risks. This individual needs advice to help him along, and desires to be shown how to respond and to adapt social norms as a typical citizen should certainly. He is extremely reckless, certainly not recognizing hazard when it is right in front of him, and antagonizing others, creating a situation to go from negative to worse. “You’re a messy moron¦and in about 2 yrs you’ll be in of those scraggy guys that come up to you on the street and ask for any dime for coffee. inches (103) This really is a perfect example of how Mister. Caulfield does not perceive hazard and further incites the ire of others, even if they have the upper hand. He clearly does not realize that he can always be hurt if perhaps he says things like this which his activities have implications.

Mister. Caulfield is usually strangely enthusiastic about the most trivial of issues. He is thinking about where the ducks of central park use the winter. This individual almost obsessively seeks the answer to this problem. He should go as far as to inquire a random cab rider his problem. His brain is dedicated to finding the reply to this plight, but he refuses to work with his intelligence on the topics in school? This individual refuses to touch his books and excel in his studies, and won’t care about his future. His ridiculous thought of a job has been a catcher from the rye, “I mean if perhaps they’re jogging and they don’t look in which they’re heading I have to appear from anywhere and catch them. Which all I’d personally do throughout the day. I’d just be the heurter in the rye and all. inch (173) such ridiculous comments are something only noticed in a child, not an adult.

Holden is usually wholly unconcerned with is definitely life. This individual does not think things through or accept the consequences of his actions. He does not understand effects of everything this individual does which is financially unable in getting, which every adults should be able to do. He could be also, at moments, having bouts of depression. “Somebody, some lady in an awful-looking hat, as an example, comes to New York ¦ Radio City Music Corridor, it makes me so depressed We cant stand it. I’ve bought the entire three of these a hundred beverages if only they hadnt told me that. ” (50) His fixation about trivial items also shows his immaturity in understanding. Total Holden Caulfield is more child than mature, no matter how much he claims to not be premature.

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