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Tragedy arises essay

I think that you of the factors that the tragedy occurs can be superstition and fate, which can be some of the powerful driving causes behind the movement with the plot. An example of this is the coincidental re-housing of Mrs Johnstone to the same village because Mrs Lyons moved to to acquire away from her, a coincidental event that meant that the tragedy surely could occur. The first example in the play is the superstition that you must avoid putting new sneakers on the table. From a working school background Mrs Johnstone believes in such superstitions (though the girl denies this Im certainly not superstitious) although Mrs Lyons laughs at the idea.

However , moments later on Mrs Lyons gives an example of how the lady herself can be superstitious, by telling Mrs Johnstone to swear for the holy holy bible. This is a far more upper class superstition. As Mrs Lyons mental health deteriorates her paranoia drives her to be much more superstitious so when shoes are put on the table to get the second amount of time in the play she pushes at the stand and sweeps them away. Also she fears gypsies in the real wood that will attempt to take her baby apart and her paranoia creates a bogey man that is usually watching her ready to snatch her kid and always subsequent her about.

The function of the bogey man is filled, to an degree, by the narrator who, throughout the play enforces the idea of superstition and that Mrs Lyons reckoning will come. He does this my own using remarkable music and singing music about the salts been spilled and someone out of cash the looking glass (mirror). This also keeps reminding us that fate and superstition are steering the play to a tragic end. The next strong female character is definitely Linda who, in a way, provides a bridge between your two classes, between the two brothers through the play.

Even if they were fresh Linda was a much stronger persona than the brothers being the only one to endure Sammy, Leave him only And also, once Mickey offers missed and Eddie provides missed Linda was the only one to hit the point, physically and mentally. At the beginning it is the basic ways that Lindas character is usually stronger than Mickeys but as the enjoy progresses we come across her stand up to the instructor for him, Leave off him you big earthworm And eventually, following Mickey has come out of prison, your woman supports him through his depression, even though he requirements his pills, I need me personally pills.

This kind of shows that she has deep thoughts for him and because of her strong character she is able to support him. Yet , when Mickey was too weak to quit taking his pills she actually is unable to stick with him and she visits Eddie to whom she usually loved since mush because Mickey. Following Mrs Lyons reveals the relationship between Eddie and Linda to Mickey mouse (which is ironic because it led to the death of her adopted son) their particular relationship causes the final field in which the Blood Brothers perish. This accomplishes the ring and the play ends as it began, the same as Greek tragedies.

At the end in the play the role of Linda is very important mainly because she represents the future of the significant classes. While the young survivor she is the expect that makes the end not entirely tragic and it is the only essential character that can walk away and move on after the deaths in the two siblings. This is a significant feature since it means that the group will love that actually after the very best tragedy wish lives on. General, Willy Russell made the women characters solid, powerful, decided and in Mrs Lyons circumstance, manipulative when compared to males who had been weak (not physically nevertheless mentally) naive naive and immature.

This is similar to one other of Willy Russells takes on, Shirley Valentine. I think the fact that women characters are made better as a expression on Willy Russells childhood, where he had a very strong matriarchal figure, displayed by Mrs Johnstone and an missing father figure, represented by Mister Johnstone. Another thing I saw is that although Mrs Lyons was rich and middle school she is a far crueller and even more manipulative than the poorer, working class people.

This demonstrates that being a bigger class will not make you a much better person and is also included mainly because Willy Russell had a operating class backdrop. Willy Russell uses concepts from materials such as Shakespeare and by Greek misfortune, he as well manipulates the plot applying ironic changes, such as the fact that Mrs Lyons told Mickey about turn and Lindas relationship which in turn generated her kids death. In some ways these ironies add to the disaster. On the other hand, it truly is Mrs Johnstone who endures the most following the tragedy which is slightly installing, as she is arguably the best at dealing through adversity and disaster.

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