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That belong Essay plan 1 . Straightforward Gift Human relationships and areas interconnect to provide an individual using a strong feeling of belonging * Relationships and the concept of Belonging Aged Bill and Billy 2. Genuine relationships anchor people in identity, worth and connection * Relationships enhance an individual’s feeling of belonging * Billy and old Bill’s romance helps result in a positive change in both of them * Their bond brings confident change to the grief-stricken older Bill and supplies Billy using a chance for a fresh start and a future in Bendarat.

Outdated Bill supplies Billy with advice, advice and a home.

* Billy helps old Bill limit his drinking and smoking habits and provides him with breakfast in the days * Billy said to certainly not walk beyond daylight hours pub, outdated Bill locates himself jogging past Jessies old school the following day instead of going beyond the pub 2. “Hands/shaking/as We walked back to town, /careful not to move past a pub 2. Herrick uses enjambment to emphasises just how difficult this change is good for Old Invoice and his prefer to keep moving ahead rather than continuing to be overwhelmed by his grief Places and the idea of belonging 5. Throughout the cost-free verse poetry of the Simple Gift, a few series of spots that both enrich or perhaps destroy an individual’s sense of belonging Longlands Road * Longlands Highway does not inspire Billy’s impression of that belong.

Billy lived with his alcohol addiction and damaging father in Longlands highway His daddy created an atmosphere that did not support the feeling of that belong by giving Billy “hard backhanders * Billy’s action of throwing rubble upon the roofs in the houses in longlands Road shows the strong bad attitude he has towards his streets and all it represents 2. “I toss one ordinary on the roof/of each deadbeat no hoper/ *hithole abject house in Longlands road, Nowheresville 5. Herrick uses descriptive dialect to emphasis the feeling of alienation that such an area arouses to get Billy

Buggy 1864 * Billy sets up home within an abandoned freight train buggy, it becomes a crucial place of that belong and to safeguard Billy 2. As this kind of carriage is definitely shared with Billy’s friends Aged Bill and Caitlin, it creates a positive sentiment towards the buggy. * Without the company of Old Invoice the carriage would have been very boring and unhappy * “It was like a bit cave, a warm, safe little cave¦.

Billy’s cave, Herrick uses this simile to describe the carriage. 2. Through the romance with Aged Bill, Billy quickly feels a sense of place and convenience inside it by labelling that “my conventional hotel Bendarat. * Billy additional demonstrates his sense of belonging to the buggy when he offers Caitlin a “business card with the buggy as his address. This is a representational gesture, which in turn shows Caitlin that he feels this really is home for today. 2 . Quest for Happiness

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