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Philosophy may be the study of several problems such as knowledge, presence, and beliefs in types life. Viewpoint doesnt always ever have got a right solution but work out look at something such as what is the value of life. I have always adored philosophy because of this reality and they have helped me imagine the how so many people may have a different point of view on a thing as small as a twitter post, to something as big as Martin Luther Full Jr. “I have a dream speech”.

Through a large number of perspectives, we could ask yourself where do we stand, and dose our stand obtain the most sense in my opinion. The UNICEF states that 12 kids in severe poverty pass away every minute of each day, Via starving to death never to having access to having clean drinking water to having Digestive tract worms which can be something we all dont actually let the pets possess. But this is certainly a problem that may be incredibly easy to fix just for 3$ children can get a mosquito net that would shield her coming from malaria, Medication to help the Intestinal viruses are less than a dollar and you could most likely feed one particular with the change you have in your wallet. So I imagine the question is why are all of these children dying. Why exactly will I give up my hard earned money to someone I will most likely never fulfill, what obligates me to help these groups. And that’s exactly this, you dont have to help them, if you do help you can provide yourself a dab on the again but if you dont make them nothing adjustments. We have not made them poor and I never decided to help them a lot of would claim and they have got a point.

But if you were going for walks in enables say your 200$ shoes or boots and you get a girl within a pound drowning. This leaves you with 2 decisions you could either let her drown and maintain your new sneakers from obtaining ruined or you could ruin your shoes but preserve the girl, you now would almost certainly save the lady because your sneakers are replaceable but the persons life isnt, what is the difference between saving that girls life and someones in Africa, its simply the reality one you can see and a single you cant. So do you believe you should help the people in poverty or go on your focus on your own? The particular a good your life, what if you believe you had a great life but your friends and family declare you didnt have a good life or maybe the other approach around your friends and family think you could have a good life but you think you have a bad life, That is right. Performed you do everything you wanted also, did your daily life feel meaningful to you, do I do the things i felt was right they are all questions all of us ask yourself during each of our life. I think if you seemed your life was meaningful you lived a fantastic life.

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